Best Hindi Web Series to Watch 2021
Best Hindi Web Series to Watch 2021

Best Hindi Web Series to Watch 2021: We hope that you are staying inside your home during this lockdown. If are feeling bored then this article is meant for you to learn about the best Hindi web series you must watch to get entertained and spend your time. These days web series are getting more popular since the shooting of regular TV shows has stopped after the lockdown. There are so many reputed actors and actresses who have started acting in web series. Plus, many renowned brands have been creating web series. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Voot, Hotstar, Zee5 etc are some of the most renowned brands known for creating web series. The majority of Hindi web series have 8-10 episodes. 

6. She (2020)

Netflix has just released this series on their website. This series has been written by Imtiaz Ali. You will a lot of things in this series like how a girl has to bust a drug cartel, how she busts the cartel. How she uses herself? And how people treat her throughout the series. It is remarkable to see how the girl adapts according to the situation. There are certain dull moments in this series. All over it is a decent watch to pass your time.   

5. Abhay (2019)

Abhay is a Zee 5 original series that was released in 2019. The cast is also quite famous, the lead role is played by Kunal Khemu. He plays a major role in the series being an investigation officer. Every single episode is very engaging and makes you watch the other one. They have done a pretty good job in cinematography, you have to watch just 8 episodes. However, the series requires your complete attention since there’s great suspense in the series. one of the best Hindi web series to watch 2021.

4. Special Ops (2020)

This is Hotstar original’s new series, which was launched this year. There are 8 episodes in the series. In this series, you will learn a lot of interesting things. There’s an investigation officer named Himmat Singh, it is his story and how chased down a criminal for 19 years. People took this incident as false, but Himmat Singh proves himself till the end by capturing the criminal. There’s a very interesting chase in the series that capture the criminal. If you are looking for a series with suspense, interesting cast, then this is a must-watch series for you.

3. The Family Man (2019)

The Family Man is a 2019 Amazon original series. If you haven’t seen this series yet, then this is a must-watch series for you. The star cast of this series is very strong especially Manoj Vajpai’s acting is tremendous at new levels. The story is about a normal man who is a secret agent of NIA, which involves a lot of acts and teams. The protagonist leads a lot of teams and captures a lot of criminals and terrorists. You will find tremendous suspense till the end of the last episode. This one is surely one of the best Hindi web series to watch 2021.

2. The Forgotten Army (2020)

This series was launched this year under Amazon original brand. The Forgotten Army is about a lieutenant Sodhi, who had a team that worked during the independence era. The Second World War was at its peak during this time, the series shows how this team helped in the process of independence. The cinematography is truly tremendous, the action sequence in this series makes you feel that you are present on the battlefield itself. I haven’t this series yet and if you like movies and TV shows related to war, then this is the perfect series for you. You will get to learn about the war tactics performed during the independence era through this series. Content and effects quality is very remarkable, story writing is also wonderful. History buffs will also greatly enjoy this series. 

1. ASUR (2020)

ASUR is a Voot special series, the star cast remains truly impeccable. Arshad Varsi is the protagonist of the series; this series is a crime thriller. It greatly depicts the work of the forensic science department and what could be the possibilities. If you haven’t watched this series yet, they have prepared a great recipe by combing the story with Indian mythology. It is truly astonishing to watch in a single go. You can’t even get up by watching without completing it. It would become your favourite series once you have seen it. This series is highly recommended as the best Indian TV series.

This is the perfect time to finish the web shows (Best Hindi Web Series to Watch 2021) since everything is closed during these days. Your time will be well spent and you won’t get any excuse for getting out of your home. Your money on these entertainment services will be well spent since you get enough time to browse everything.


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