In the busy life of city life, a car isn’t always the solution to travel through the city. With the sky rocketing fuel prices, you will always think about making a journey in your car. Therefore, you require something more economical and agile. In short, you need a bike for travelling. The commuter bikes segment has risen a huge numbers of customers with its attractive prices and deals. Now people are not only limited to cycling or walking, they can travel a car’s speed with a fraction of its price. Presenting you the list of best commuter bikes that you can purchase in India.

Hero MotoCorp Glamour:

Hero Motocorp is the pioneer in bikes in India. Just like Maruti Suzuki, they almost have over half of the market share. The Glamour 2017 edition is a practical 125cc bike with stylish design. Hero has been introducing major changes in design and ergonomics of the bike to provide a proper comfortable ride. In addition, you have a wide tire for better grip on the road and a digital console for better HUD. The Glamour has a price tag of 61,506 INR.

Hero Motocorp Glamour Programmed Fi (2017):

Again I’m putting the same bike on our list. But this edition is further enhanced with better design and features than the standard edition of glamor. The company is also throwing new terms like “torque on demand” into their adverts. All over we can say that Fi programmed edition is a decent city commuter with proper style and features. The Glamour Programmed Fi has a price tag of 69,908 INR.

Bajaj V12:

You can also opt for its bigger brother V15 comes with the 150cc engine. However, the V12 also follows the same design language. Bajaj claims that every V model has been using some steel from the legendary INS Vikrant battleship. In V12 you get a decent 125cc engine that works perfectly for commuting within the city. The design language stands as the key selling factor of Bajaj V12. The Bajaj V12 has a starting price tag of 57,003 INR. However, they are various variants available with better spec sheets.

Hero MotoCorp Achiever:

Hero is undoubtedly the pioneer of motorcycles in India. Achiever is another inclusion to our list by Hero. With its Proper masculine body and a big fuel tank, Achiever has a proper overall appeal. Furthermore, you can rely on Hero’s pristine customer support. The Hero MotoCorp Achiever has a price tag of 62,800 INR.

Bajaj Patina ComforTec:

Bajaj is undoutebly another Indian giant in the bike department. Their Pulsar range stands as most successful sports bike in India till date. They established a whole new definition of biking in India. The Platina Comfortec is a new attempt on budget biking. As a result, the new updated Platina comes enhanced front telescopic shock absorber with powerful rear shock absorbers. In addition, Platina is claims to have an astonishing mileage of 104 kmpl. The Bajaj Platina has a price tag of 45,985 INR.

Hero MotoCorp Splendor iSmart 110:

You might be thinking that I have obsession with Hero. But I’m informing you that they are the true king of the two wheeler industry of India. The new Splendor iSmart is their first model they designed after Hero ended their joint venture with the Japanese giant Honda. Presently, the new model comes with an 110cc engine with an active refreshing design language. The Splendor iSmart 110 has a price tag of 53,300 INR.

Honda Navi:

The Japanse are famous for making miniatures of almost everything. Take WALKMAN, for example, they made music players portable. The Honda Navi stands as completely different from the traditional aspects of a bike. Accordingly, it has a design of a part scooter and part bike. It’s gear less nature makes it much simpler to drive without any learning curve. The Honda Navi has a price tag of 41,500 INR.

Yamaha Saluto RX:

Yamaha is famous for producing excellent sports bikes. They made an impact in the budget biking with their RX100 in the 90s. Yamaha has equipped the new Saluto with an efficient 110cc engine. Moreover, the company claims a mileage of 82kmpl, which is pretty nice. The Yamaha Saluto RX has a price tag of 46,000 INR.

 Bajaj CT 100B:

The cheapest bike you can purchase in the Indian market. The CT 100B is a concise down version of their famous CT100 series. The bike has simple appeal and features only the general equipment’s that you may need. For this reason, it is the most affordable bike you can purchase. The Bajaj CT 100B has a price tag of  29,998 INR.

Honda CB Unicorn 2016:

If you are searching for a bike with top quality and good reliability, then search no more. CB Unicorn might be the perfect choice for a robust build, stylish design language, and Japanese reliability. In fact, Honda is equipping one of their best 150cc air-cooled engines into Unicorn. Finally, the Honda CB Unicorn 2016 has price tag of 70,267 INR.



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