Best biking destinations in India

From huge snow-covered glaciers to some lush green and rugged terrains. India consists of a diverse geography which makes it a paradise for the mountain bikers. However, mountain biking is still to become a mainstream sport in India. Ultimately, it is slowly growing popular as a beautiful expedition in India.

Mountain biking is the sport of the free courageous hearts. In fact, paddling between the rough terrains needs high endurance and stamina. However, the exhilarating and enriching experience is worth taking the risk. Biking destinations in India are a paradise for nature lovers. Therefore, here are the top 7 best biking destinations in India you must check out:

  • Manali-Leh

This stands as the dream destination for Motorcyclists. Manali, a small town in Himachal Pradesh is not only a honeymoon spot but also acts a mountain biking capital of our nation. It consists of the loopy passes of Bara laccha La, Naki La, Lachu lung La. Along with the most famous Rohtang pass. Interestingly, it stands as of the most challenging and dreadful expedition that starts from Manali. This expedition ends in Leh district of Jammu. From the snowy glaciers of Himachal to the rivers and sand dunes of Leh this is a breathtaking journey for bikers. Finally, the best time to ride through the passes of Manali and Leh starts from May to September. Best Road Trips in India

  • Kumaon

This is a must visit for nature enthusiasts. It consists of the best destinations of Uttarakhand. Biking between the picturesque green mountains of Almora, Kathgodam, Baijnath & Ranikhet, one can feel paradise under his powerful mountain bike. This journey is a home to the temple of baijnath as well as some of the oak forests. They also shelters a wild variety of leopards, deer and wild boars.

This route is of medium difficulty. Finally, the best time for this 10-13 day’s long trip starts from April to September.

  • Guwahati

The Guwahati-Tawang route is the less crowded route. Northeast being a uncommercialized paradise of India hosts a large range of mountain biking destinations. You can surely witness rich Buddhist culture, Indian Army camps and authentic Assamese and Tibetan cuisines throughout the route. Explore this route for a raw, authentic, relaxing and positive experience and poke the true adventurer in you. Finally, the best time for a biker’s getaway to Guwahati starts from October to March. one of the best biking destinations in India.

  • Sikkim

It is another offbeat destination in northeast India. The Old Silk roads of Sikkim shares its borders with China. Moreover, it is not only the oldest trade road of India but it also offers a picturesque view of Kanchenjunga. The twisty roads and astonishing landscapes make this route a hidden jewel for the mountain biking lovers. Ultimately, giving them a strong adrenaline rush. Menmecho Lake, Elephant Lake and Thambi Point along the silk route are the famous places that you can explore. Finally, the best months for bikers to visit Sikkim starts from May to October. best biking destinations in India & Best Road Trips in India.

  • Munnar

It’s not alone the north but India has various breathtaking places in down south and one such destination is Munnar. Located in Kerala, Munnar is a perfect site to trot uphill and ‘chill’ for both beginner and expert bikers. Riding between the vast tea estates and spice gardens is definitely a delight for the leisure and peace seekers. Thekkady is famous for Periyar National Park, tourist attraction of Kerala, you can reach it by bike from Munnar. Finally, the best time to visit starts from August to November and February to March.

India has an abundance of mountains and valleys right from the north to the south. Ultimately, calling for the motorcyclists to pack their bags and cruise their way to happiness. However, with increasing commercialization of adventure sports like mountain biking. Today the young riders are exploring new locations and discovering the hidden heavens for them. Best biking destinations in India & Best Road Trips in India.



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