After the flop of Justice League. Ben Affleck is set to release another Batman flick soon. Both Dawn of Justice and Justice league failed to sell huge amount of tickets to the public. Whereas, Marvel broke records after records with their last installment to the Avenger series. The Batman has lost its respect which was created by Nolan’s Batman, played by Christian Bale. This new Batman doesn’t suit a perfect ideals of Batman people are used. However, if you take a look at the classic batman comics this new depiction of Batman is the most accurate one. It is a hard fact to digest that people the old batman which was not based on the real story.

Legacy of Nolan

Christopher Nolan is a famous director who produces the most amazing Sci-Fi movies with realistic effects and mind twisting story lines. Due to his great cinematic vision it was possible to produce a masterpiece like the Dark Knight. From the storyline to the iconic Joker played by Heath Ledger, everything was next to perfect. In fact, one couldn’t just predict the ending of the movie at any point.

This trilogy was ended successfully by the last part Batman Dark Knight Rises. It was the perfect end to an epic series. People just don’t want to see another Batman to rise again. No matter what new directors and actors do to make Batman great again, it can’t happen because of Nolan’s legacy. Nolan’s Batman was far more realistic than any other batman. It also felt that we humans can do anything if we have the right tools and the courage. However, this is not the case with the new batman.

Ben Affleck as Batman

No doubt, that Ben is a good artist. He has written impeccable movies like Good Will Hunting and played as a hero in movies like Gone Girl and Pearl harbor. In fact, critics always said that he has the perfect physique to play Batman. He even looks like a middle aged man who is a billionaire. The latest flicks by Affleck as Batman has the highest amounts of gadgets and the best bat suits ever. But still the franchise is not able to catch the legacy of its predecessor.

It wasn’t Christian Bale who made the former Batman a huge success. It was only Nolan’s cinematic vision which created a legacy of its own. This gave us the perfect story of a superhero who grew from the streets. And, fought some of the most lunatic supervillains like the Joker. Finally, ended up peacefully by leaving the Gotham city. It is the story which made the previous Batman so great in front of any other super hero flick. The complex plots made it much superior than Affleck’s gadgets and new light powered suit.

What is the future of Batman

As of now, Ben Affleck is set to doomed as Batman if he doesn’t pull some entertaining string in his upcoming. This might also put an end to the Batman movie series as Nolan’s Batman isn’t coming soon.


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