Are you looking for a high protein diet? You want to gain some healthy lean muscles with workout. Then this is the right place to begin with. The problem with protein rich is that they are quite expensive in nature. You don’t want to spend thousands in buying an expensive protein powder. To build lean muscle you will need good lean protein.

Mistake to avoid

You need to decide first whether you want to gain muscle mass or just mass. If you are looking for just mass, then you can go completely crazy with your diet. You can eat almost anything you like, this includes fast food, oily food and ice-creams. Carbohydrate rich products are the best to increase your mass. However, this might lead to excess weight gain and over bulky body. If you are looking for a body with lean muscle, then protein rich products will do the job.


You can begin with some skimmed milk to avoid fats and obtain protein. For some heavy grain intake, you can go with dry roasted chana with few dry fruits. If you are a juice person, then only orange, apple and grape juice is healthy for you. Don’t even think about Mango juice for your breakfast. For a heavier meal, you can go for a sandwich made out of wheat bread, diet mayonnaise and your favourite veggies.


If you are a non-vegetarian, then Chicken is the best protein source for you. You just get roasted chicken breast every day and it will fulfill your workout needs. However, if you are a vegetarian then Soya bean is your best friend. You can easily mix Soya bean into any kind of Indian dish. Try to avoid potatoes at any cost cause you don’t want to add carbohydrates to your meals. For a lighter lunch, you can get sprout salad or boiled corn with the right blend of spice (without oil).


No matter how tempted you are to have some fast food and fizzy carbonated. You have to stick to your diet plan and get the best out of it. A nice salad is the best way to end your hunger with some diet mayonnaise. You can even have some roasted barbeque if you are a non-vegetarian. This would help to increase the protein level to even higher.


The dinner should be as light as possible. You will need some time to digest and process all the food you have just eaten. For this reason, you can have a nice corn or chicken soup with some breadsticks. For a heavier meal can go for a variety of pulses. However, instead of eating more chapattis focus more on the pulses. In other words, increase the quantity of pulses than chapattis. Consuming rice in any form is a strict no in a protein rich diet.


There can be a cheat day in your diet. However, try to avoid consuming alcohol or smoke in any form. They just harm your body and effects your metabolism.


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