advantages and disadvantages of Social Media
advantages and disadvantages of Social Media

Over the past two decades there has been a massive change in how we communicate with people. As we have gone from basic phone call to advanced video calling. We have gone from basic emails to quick and interactive instant messaging. Moreover, the use of social networking is becoming really useful to promote businesses as well. As most of the potential customers are using Social Media sites on a regular basis. However, just like a coin has two sides. Social Media also have advantages and disadvantages. so today we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Social Media.

Advantages of social media

You can connect to anyone

This is perhaps the biggest advantage of social media. If you happen to live in Delhi and your loved one lives in London, then no worry, with just one tap you can connect to them instantly. Gone are the days of phone calls or letters. Furthermore, you got more option to connect with people. You don’t specifically need to talk to them, as you can text them as well. Social Media is bringing the world closer and closer every day. People are managing their business on a worldwide level.

Old means of communication are obsolete

Gone are the days when you have to wait long in phone calls. The social media platforms has given the pace that we are using today. Earlier the internet existed but people used to communicate through email. It was slower technology if we compare it with instant messaging services of today. In fact, people had to wait for hours to reply the other party back. So this is also one of the advantages of Social Media.

Fastest news updates

Whenever an incident happens around the world. People uses social media to inform the others around the world. This happens long before the local news agencies could even report the incident. Therefore, social media is the fastest way to spread the news world. For this reason, the majority of the news agencies have chosen the social media platforms to propagate their news around the world.

Social media is also perfect for advertising

The business owners have started to realize the importance of Social media for advertising. For this reason, they have been campaigning their products on Social Media sites as well. Presently, there are more potential buyers on the social networking sites than anywhere else. Therefore, this is best place to promote a business. Definitely, the owners of social media networking are earning a lot from this. This was the list of Advantages of Social Media.

The disadvantages of Social Media

Unreliable source of information

Social Media is the fastest way to propagate a news. However, not every time that news can be hundred percent reliable. People just update their status or tweet without even analyzing the incident in the first place. This makes the social media a bundle of confusing information. As a result, the user can’t trust a single news source in Social media. Plus, if someone starts talking about a topic then everyone follows him like sheep walk.

Your personal information is at risk

We all have to enter our personal details while using social media. However, not everyone enters the legit details in the forms. And not everyone is good person on social media. There are few people who are constantly looking to steal your personal information and sell it.

Cyber Bullying and peer pressure in the social world

The teens and young adults are generally the main victims of cyber bully. They often face depression and anxiety issues due to cyber bullying. Moreover, Social peer pressure has become poisonous cult around the world. this is surely a drawback of social Media.

Loss of real interaction

Okay, people are interacting with each other online. However, this has led to loss in real world interaction. People are communicating online instead of real time.

So this was the list about the advantages and disadvantages of Social Media Essay. You might say that we might have missed a couple of points but we tried to cover it all.

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