Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet. Advantages of Internet

Over the past two decades the internet has been changing our lives. In fact, today most of the business are handled with the use of internet. Everything we do is somewhat based on the internet. Moreover, entertainment industry has been also adapting the internet to promote their business. Our social lives also have been shaped with the introduction of social media. This web of information is very important in our life. However, just like a coin has two sides. internet also have advantages and drawbacks. Below are some advantages and disadvantages of the internet.

Advantages of the internet:

Easy way of communication

With the help of the internet now the people can communicate to each other even when are thousands of miles away. It is the internet which enables us to communicate with in seconds. Earlier there has been phone calls. However, nothing beats the realistic and legit video calls. Additionally, there is no charge to make calls as well. You just need to pay the internet bill to begin with. There are instant messaging apps that can make this even easier with just one tap your finger.

Internet is a Pandora box of knowledge

When was the last you had to search old books to research for your projects? The majority of the people’s answer to this question will be a “no”. In fact, internet is such a big place of knowledge that you can find knowledge about any topic. You can search from the 9/11 attacks to Boer war. Everything is just one step away from your fingertips. Moreover, the internet keeps the track of latest information and stats as well. For example, you won’t find the current stock rates of firms in any book.

E Learning is the new form of education

Education is a really important component of our lifestyle. Above all, the internet is responsible for helping millions around the world. Not every has got the money and time to learn a specific thing. However, with the help of the internet they can acquire that specific skill even at zero cost. So this is also one of the advantages of the Internet for students.

Created a new definition of the entertainment industry

Today, online portals like YouTube have created new definitions and meaning of entertainment. Additionally, now everyone has got the ability to start their own YouTube channel to create some entertainment. You must be aware of the other video streaming services as well (Netflix, Amazon Prime).

E-Commerce, a new market for the consumer

In today’s hectic lifestyle not everyone got the time to visit the store and shop. For this reason, online retailers are becoming the next thing. This was the list of benefits of Internet.

Disadvantages of the Internet

Your personal information is at risk

Whenever you go online your personal information is always at the stake. Above all, the internet is a huge place. And no everyone is a good person. There are several hackers and phishers as well. Tracking them down is the very difficult task in the first place. Therefore, everything that you do in the web can be hacked by them.

Spam and advertisements

Everyone likes to use the web. But, no likes to receive the spam mails that we tend to receive on a weekly basis. It literally creates garbage into our email account. However, if you once click the spam then you can even get into serious trouble.

Virus Attacks are quite common

Like I said before that hackers are also there in the world of internet. For this reason, virus attacks often happen to destroy user’s devices. These malwares can seriously damage the performance of your computer. So this is also one of the drawbacks of Internet.

We are trapped into our virtual world

Internet has changed the definition of communication. However, at the cost of sacrificing real socialisation. People now often engage to their phone rather than real socialisation. Every family dinner table is the evidence of this trend around the world.

So this was the list about the advantages and disadvantages of Internet. You might say that we might have missed a couple of points but we tried to cover it all.

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