advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing essay

In the modern world of technology, Digital Marketing has been catching up fast. In fact, the majority of companies are relying on Digital Marketing for the promotion of their business. Day by day, modern technology has been replacing the old mediums of advertising. However, there are disadvantages as well. Above all, there are numerous kinds of risk while focusing on digital marketing. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing that you need to know to begin with.

Advantages of Digital Marketing:

  • With the help of Digital Marketing, you can easily cover a large number of potential customers. Above all, the digital nature of marketing will enable you to target more at the same time.
  • The advertising is always direct. Therefore, it helps to build a huge awareness among people about a brand or service.
  • Digital Marketing helps the business owners to target a specific group of customers. In fact, with the help of targeted email, they can address people with different taste and preference.
  • Digital Marketing gives the companies an opportunity to expand their advertisement campaign beyond their geographical boundaries. In fact, companies could reach different countries without actually putting a step into that land.
  • Digital Marketing also gives the edge to the customers to directly contact the company without any hassle. Above all, now the customers could instantly contact the manufacturer with the help of internet services. This has been establishing a good bond of trust among the customer and the company.
  • You can shop online. Gone are the days when the customers had to visit a store to buy the product. Presently, with the help of online retailer store, it is easy to grab the product just at one tap. Therefore, the companies are able to expand their businesses through online retailers as well. Ultimately, you are getting a 24 x 7 working business model to work.

Disadvantages of digital marketing

Everything has got disadvantages. Digital Marketing works as an expansion strategy for the working of a business. Sometimes this also faces various kinds of problems. Below are some of the known disadvantages of Digital marketing.

  • The entire model of Digital Marketing is based on the internet. However, not every place in this world is connected with internet facilities. Therefore, these areas will always remain to avoid the awareness of your product if you chose Digital marketing for advertising.
  • We know that Digital Marketing is entirely based on the Internet. Therefore, it really hard to create a marketing strategy in the early phases of campaigning. Above all, building the right brand image on the internet is the hardest thing for the company.
  • Digital marketing has huge competition. The potential customers always have alternative choices for your products as well. In fact, every time they search for your product they get other recommendations as well. They can simply switch to the other party if they are providing better options or prices.
  • Your strategies can be copied at any time. The Internet is a huge space. And in this huge space, there are plenty of people browsing. Often someone can easily track and copy your entire business model from you. Additionally, hate campaigns are the worst thing that can happen to your business. If once the customer starts hating your brand by some influence then there’s no coming back. For this reason, you always have to maintain people’s loyalty towards your brand or product.
  • Well, not everything can be sold through online portals. Digital marketing can only benefit you if you are selling consumer goods. However, you can’t really sell many industrial goods and medicinal goods. advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing essay.

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