Advantages and disadvantages of Computer essay in points

Advantages and disadvantages of Computer

Undoubtedly Computer has been the major breakthrough of the 20th century. Charles Babbage and Alan Turing are famous as the father of computers. Presently, almost every business is using the computer in their business to make their business more efficient. Armed forces around the world also rely on the computer to conduct their operations. Modern day classrooms are well equipped with the computer to make teaching more interactive for the students. Above all, hospitals are also relying on a blessing of computers to eliminate any human error. It has also led to the smartphone revolution as well. However, there are few downsides as well. So let’s talk about some Advantages and disadvantages of Computer.

Advantages of computer

Unlimited information

Computers are nothing before the internet. They were only able to calculate large problems. However, with the introduction of the internet, the possibilities have become endless. It is a true Pandora box to obtain information. You get information related to anything just a few strokes away. You can easily communicate with people with the help of computers.

A faster way of getting things

Think about spreadsheets for example. Before the introduction of computers, people had to do all their maths and work with the help of pen and paper. It took a lot of time to calculate huge amounts of sums. However, computers have been changing everything. They are fast and more reliable than ordinary pen and paper. Plus, they also eliminate any possible human error with their advanced technologies.

Inexpensive method

If you want to have some cost cutting in your business. Then computers are the best possible effort you can make. They are faster and they can easily replace the work of humans in a fraction of a price. Once a computer is set then are is no need to upgrade it for a long time. We can say it is a onetime investment. Whereas you need to increase the wage of human overtime.

Less errors

If want to calculate something, then we might make mistakes when we work a lot. However, Computers are consistent in their performance completely irrespective of their workload. Humans tend to more mistakes if we compare them to computers.

Disadvantages of computer

Can repeat mistakes

Okay, I said above that computers tend to make less mistakes. However, once a computer tends to go on the wrong track. Then it will continuously repeat the same mistake over and over again. This is due to the fact that computers have no brain at all. They are just preprogrammed by humans. Above all, we still need some AI revolution that will change this problem.

They are taking over jobs

Over the last two decades, many people have lost their jobs to a computer. Everyday computers are replacing human jobs with the speed and efficiency.

Initial set up is quite expensive

Computers may be very inexpensive in a long run. However, it takes a good amount of fortune to set them up in the first place. This totally depends on the work environment of the place. You need to install a more powerful machine if you got tons of work.

The risk of viruses and malware

In the world of internet technology, our computers are always at a constant risk of infection. Additionally, the hackers are always targeting the computers with their malware. In some extreme cases, they often use ransomware to lock up your valuable information. Above all, an infected computer may lose its potential performance over time.

We are losing creativity and getting lazy

When was the last time you picked up an actual dictionary and used it? Well, the answer must be a “NO”. In fact, most of us have become so lazy that we entirely upon the computers to stuff for us. This has led to the loss in creative thinking. We are taking the advantage of technology in a bad way.


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