Will we ever see space colonies ?

It’s 2018 and you might be thinking where are space colonies and different exploration mission which were promised in the Sci-Fi movies of the 70s and 80s. It’s that we have taken the giant leap of mankind by stepping foot into the moon. We have also visited the red planet Mars with the Mars rover. However, we are still miles away to establish an outer space colony in some other unknown terrain.

You must have the seen the “Alien” series. It claimed that one day soon we will be exploring some planet and witness the ugly forms of extraterrestrial life-forms. But things are not going on we humans had predicted in the past. In fact, we haven’t even established any human settlement in our own. We might be selling moon’s land or couple/family tickets to a nice cruise. But there’s no point when you can’t visit the moon anytime soon. Who has seen the future? Nobody knows when they are going to die. Thus, buying tickets to the moon is completely pointless when the facilities are not even there yet. It’s just like our childhood when we used to say that every star belongs to a person. You know that you will never visit the star but you still say it that you own the star.

What is stopping space exploration?

Over years there has been countless wars in our soil. The war between the US and the middle east or the war between ISRAEL and Palestine. You name a country and there has been a war. Any war requires huge amount of manpower and resources. You need fuel to propel the vehicles, ammunition to load the weapons and most importantly men to fire the weapons. Governments are spending more and more on their military budget than ever before. Everyone is jumping to arms race these days. However, we are just fighting our own kind throughout the world. Instead of spending in exploration we are spending the resources on our own destruction. We can’t simply call it a defense budget, instead it should be known as attack budget to invade other countries. Governments of developed are not even providing the basic infrastructure to their space agencies.

Where can we see a change?

It’s true that government is continuously failing in their space missions. But, there’s some hope in the form of private space agencies. These companies are solely focusing on their outer space venture instead of other expenditure. SpaceEx is a private space agency which is continuously focusing on space exploration. Elon Musk has been spending a lot in his company’s space ventures recently. The day is not that far away when we will be able visit other celestial bodies just like we visit our neighborhood in public transport. Take GPS for example it was developed by the US military for their navigation. But, everyone uses this technology on their mobile phone. Soon, space travel will be accessible to public as well. We can only rely on private space agencies for this though.


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