Why You Should Buy a Hatchback in India?
Why You Should Buy a Hatchback in India?

The Indian car market is growing like never before. More people are now able to afford a car for their daily commute. In fact, cars are not just a matter of status symbol, they have become necessary tools for travelling. People are buying everything from sedans, SUVs to minivans. However, there a huge demand for hatchbacks like no other vehicle type. The market is also flocked with hatchback form almost all automakers.

why you should consider buying a hatchback?

Cost-effective and affordable

Hatchbacks are generally priced between 2 lacs to 12 lacs. This gives a huge window for you to choose from. People often buy a hatchback as their first car due to this affordability.


There’s no doubt that hatchbacks are small. It is quite shocking to note how spacious and practical their interiors are. You can buy a small hatchback and still fit 5 people inside that equivalent to a large sedan. Moreover, if you compare hatchbacks with 5-seater SUVs, then you are far more practical.

Consuming less road space

In the age of tight traffic jams and narrow roads, hatchbacks are a far better option. Firstly, you are not consuming tons of unnecessary space on the road. Secondly, being a smaller vehicle makes it easier to control in narrow roads. This also enables you to park your car in small spaces. Whereas, a large sedan or an SUV consumes tons of space on the road. This naturally makes it harder to move them in congested roads and parking spaces.

Better fuel economy

This is perhaps the main reason for which people prefer hatchbacks over sedans and SUVs. Hatchbacks are small, light and powered by a small engine of not more than 2.0 litres (in most cases). These characteristics combine to provide good fuel economy for the owners. In the age of rising fuel prices, fuel economy is very important to consider before buying a vehicle.

Tons of options

The hatchback market has a huge demand in the Indian automobile market. This has created a huge competition among car manufacturers around the world. Almost everyone is trying to feature a hatchback from their line-up. The Japanese and the Koreans are the best when it comes to producing hatchbacks. Maruti Suzuki stands as the king of this segment followed by Hyundai, Tata Motors, Honda and Toyota.

Lower Maintenance Cost

Being small in size and affordable also translates into lower maintenance cost. This makes the hatchbacks more desirable. The spare parts are cheaper and easier to find. Plus, the service cost is also affordable more for hatchbacks.

All of these points are the perfect reasons to buy a hatchback over a sedan car as your first car. Even for a small family of four or five, hatchbacks are a perfect choice. However, before buying you will need to consider the engine options and equipment list. Buying a diesel would be the stupidest decision as they are soon be disappeared due to emission norms. Electric or hybrid hatchbacks could be the next big thing in India. But for now, petrol is the best choice.

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