Why Xiaomi is so successful

India is going to be the most populous country in the world soon. There’s has been a massive outrage in the mobile industry after the JIO revolution. Data charges only costs a penny these days. Even rural areas are seeing the effects of digital revolution. Smartphones are selling like hot cakes these days. The entry level and mid-range devices has the highest competition in the market. However, there’s only one king in the Smartphone market these days i.e. Xiaomi (MI). The company has been so aggressive in providing the most value for money devices that no other company is able to defeat their flash sales numbers. How they are so successful in India?

Less marketing expense

When Xiaomi came to India they had almost next to no marketing strategy. They didn’t spend a penny on any kind of advertisement. Xiaomi came to India with their Mi 3 which became an instant hit in India due its high value for money factor.  Xiaomi just partnered with Flipkart (ecommerce site) for their sale. That was it, this was worked really well for them. Flipkart went out of stock within few seconds of the flash sale. This incident created a chain reaction of marketing itself, everyone started talking about the new phone which went out of stock instantly. These days Xiaomi is spending more on marketing by hiring Bollywood celebrities as brand ambassadors.

Very less R&D

Xiaomi also spends a very less price on development of its devices. They have a software development though which develops the Mi UI for the devices. However, for the design elements Xiaomi imitates the majority of its device from Apple devices.

More specs for less price

Coming to the most important point to buy a smartphone, Specifications. Xiaomi is the only company which provides the highest level of specifications in any price bracket. You cannot expect a device with Snapdragon 636 under 20K. However, Xiaomi is there to deliver it to you with lots of other quirks. Even the device build quality has improved a lot in Xiaomi devices over the recent years.

Beaten Samsung

There was a time when Samsung used to be the leading smartphone manufacturer in India. But then Xiaomi came up with their amazing devices. See the thing is Samsung were only selling good devices in their high-end range. In fact, they used to offer crappy devices for the entry-level and mid-range market. Xiaomi saw the opportunity and launched their value of money devices both the markets. This was the beginning of the new domination of smartphone manufacturer.

Cheaper accessories and packaging

Xiaomi knows that you are going to keep the device for a long time not the accessories. For this reason, Xiaomi is skipping spending on major accessories like the earphone and charger etc. I know they give you a charger with every device. But, the charger only comes with a 1 feet low quality wire and the adapter don’t even have fast charging technology if your phone supports it. You have to buy it as an aftermarket accessory for your device. All of these points to leads to cheaper production cost, hence, more muscle in the device.


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