If you watch the television or browse the internet. Then you must know about volcanoes and their nature. In fact, you might have visited some inactive volcano on your vacations. The volcanoes are generally known for their violent nature.

How a volcano is formed?

It takes hundreds of years to form a proper volcano. You can say that that they jut a byproduct of a chemical reaction. It is just a natural phenomenon which takes place in the majority of the place around the world. To begin with the hot molten magma consisting of metal and gasses erupts through the cracks in Earth’s crust. This process takes a lot of time to pierce the layer of 40 Km thickness. As a result, huge volcanoes are formed through this process. If you explore our planet Then, you will find various kinds of volcanoes. First, you will see some volcanoes which are explosive and violent in nature. Second, some volcanoes which are not violent at all. The eruption of the volcano can take place immediately/unexpectedly. However, sometimes humans are smart enough predict the eruptions.

 Why our Earth has different kinds of volcanoes?

To answer this question, you have to acknowledge the fact that our planet has different terrain conditions at different parts. Some terrains are icy, while some have the feel of a desert. Thus, the magma coming out of Earth’s crust will also have different properties. In fact, at some volcanoes are the texture of the magma can be entirely different. The properties of magma remains quite identical throughout Earth.  It is usually superhot at a temperature of 1000 degree Celsius. This temperature is quite soothing for the magma to flow smoothly through earth’s surface. However, things change when a volcano erupts colder magma. It erupts in the most viscous form. Leading to absolutely catastrophic disasters.

Why is a volcano very dangerous?

A Volcano is quite dangerous when it gives potential threat to humans. Each countless volcano eruption takes in some of the most uninhabitant remote places around the globe. But, you won’t see any major news when they erupt at some of the most remote places as if it is a regular routine. However, things are far more serious when these kind of things starts happening at densely populated areas. As many human lives comes under threat. As a result, everyone wants to evacuate the area as soon as possible. A volcanic eruption contains hot magma made up of metals and harmful gases. Even the gasses emitted from a lava can make someone badly affected. Moreover, the effects of a volcanic eruption are not only limited to a specific area. It could give you more fatal results. Take the example of 1883 Krakatau eruption at Indonesia. The explosion from this volcano was massive in nature. It completely wiped out the nearby area without any kind of delay. However, the eruption also resulted in huge volcanic ash which grew up to the height of 80 km. As a result, the sky was darkened for some time due to this explosion.


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