take care of your skin in winter naturally

Winter is steadily stepping in the city and this is the right time when you should start preparing your skin for the weather.It is essential to change the skincare routine with the change in season. In winters, the humidity level remains low, due to which air becomes dry and soaks the moisture of your skin. Though, you can easily manage to enjoy the bliss of healthy skin this season by switching to handy steps that are suggested here. You must follow them, no matter what your skin type is.

8 steps to take care of your skin in winter naturally.

1. Drink water

It may sound like a doc’s advice but it is the very first step to nourish your skin. It is observed that people drink less quantity of water in winters. This causes dehydration in the body which leads to dry skin. Water, the “forgotten nutrient” hydrates the body. So, if you want to have radiance in your skin increase your water intake.

2. Don’t avoid your sunscreen

Apply your sunscreen while going out. Most often people stop using sunscreens in winters as the warm rays don’t trouble them in this season. Do keep this in mind that maybe the sun rays are less troublesome in winters buy the Sun always releases the UVA and UVB rays. In all, sun rays are going to harm your skin in the same manner. So, I suggest you do not step out without applying sunscreen.

3. Nourish your skin at night

Don’t be too lazy to spend a few minutes on skincare before sleeping. When you moisturize it at night it is healed in a better way. While you sleep, your skin remains in rest as it is not exposed to the outer pollutants. Wash your skin properly and put on a moisturizer for deep smoothening and softening. Doing this at night will provide ample time to the skin to absorb the moisture more effectively.

4. Cleanse

Use lukewarm water for washing your face and hands, this will prevent stripping oil away.Don’t use either too cold or too hot water as cool water is not supposed to close the pores ( it is merely a myth that cold water closes the skin pores) and hot water will take away all the essential oils from the skin.

5. Toning

Don’t ignore the toner. Some people think that toning doesn’t makes much difference to the skin. Well, this a nothing but a misunderstanding because toning is not an unnecessary process in skincare. It is equally needed by your skin as it removes the residues which are left by the cleanser. You can understand toning as intense cleansing. When your skin gets deeply cleansed it absorbs the moisturizer in a better way.

6. Moisturize

The dry air robs out moisture, that is why your skin needs to be nourished by a suitable moisturizer. Moisturizing is a stern necessity of the skin, especially in winters. It doesn’t matters whether you have an oily skin or a dry one. Whatever skin type you have, your akin need to be moisturized in winters. one of the best step to take care of your skin in winter naturally.

7. Exfoliate

The chilly weather dries up your skin cells and it becomes essential to remove the dead skin cells. You can use any ready-made scrub( which is suitable for your skin) to exfoliate the outermost layer of skin.
There are some myths prevalent about scrubbing, one of them being scrubbing is not much needed to nourish the skin. However, the truth is that exfoliation is a natural process and a very important step in skincare. Until the age of 30, the human skin exfoliates naturally after that, the exfoliation begins to slow down and one should move to scrubbing.Do scrub your skin care to get a radiant skin.

8. Apply face pack or face mask

Apply a face pack or face mask which suits your skin. It will help you in getting rid of extra oils and improving overall appearance. A nice face pack unclogs the skin pores and cleanses the skin deeply. To get a softer and smoother skin you should practice these steps on regular basis.

– Take care of your skin in winter naturally –


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