If you talk about the most watched factual TV show in the world. Then, only one show comes into your mind i.e Top Gear. It is the show where you get to know about automobiles in a fun-filled entertaining way. The trio of Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson and James May is one of the most famous trio in the history of television. Surely, we are going to miss they as now they have left Top Gear and started they own web series on Amazon prime. But, they their legacy will stay with us. So what makes the old top gear so good that you can even watch it all over again?

Explosions and effects

The old Top Gear was complete fun with lot of explosions and specials effects. In fact, it feels like they just wanted to have so much destruction in their show.

Most exotic and unique cars

Over the years Top gear has demonstrated some of the cars in their show. However, this automobile show was the only to show crazy vehicles like Reliant Robin, BMW isseta and the P50. No other TV shows has shown such a variety of cars in their program.

Foreign Trips

Okay, Top Gear is a British television show. But, that doesn’t mean the borders are quite limited to United Kingdom itself. The cast has showcased exotic locations like Monte Carlo, Italy, Ice land and many other locations. It was Top Gear which also gave us a glimpses of traveling show.

Celebrities on the board

The “Reasonably priced car” was an instant hit when famous celebrities started to visit the show. Above all, this gave a good rise to the TRP of the show. A whole plethora of celebrities have visited Top Gear to test drive their car and have a talk with Clarkson.

The role of the military

The show gives us thrills when three of them tests cars against military vehicles. Plus, we get to see British army getting praised in the middle of the show, which obviously promotes patriotism among the British chaps.

The Stig

Some say…… he’s the most mysterious guy on this planet. But he has been one of the biggest highlight of the show after Clarkson, May and Hammond. His awesome driving skills are evident in the entire series of the show. Above all, he is the expert where Clarkson reaches to test new cars.

Captain slow

There are lot of funny hosts in the world. But, there’s no one quite slow as James may as his colleagues loves to describe him. He is sensitive, intelligent and smart. But at the end of the day he gets mocked out for fun by everyone in the show.

The Orangutan

Undoubtedly, Clarkson is the main of the show. In fact, it seems he is the boss of the entire show. He gets all the luxury cars, trips to some exotic locations. Above all, he interview all the celebrities in the show.

The Hamster

Last but not the least, Richard Hammond. He is quite smart and handsome. He gets his stuff done by the end of the day. But, no matter what he gets mocked by his colleagues due to his small size.



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