How to propose a girl on whatsapp, propose a girl for love
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How to propose a girl on WhatsApp: It has never been easy to propose a person who is your love interest. The fear of being rejected or misunderstood reigns the mind. You might be thinking about how to say the right thing in the right manner and at the same time, you might be worrying that you may sound sleazy while you intend to be slightly flirting. The matter becomes even more uneasy when you have to propose her through a chatbox.

It becomes quite tough for boys when it comes to a WhatsApp proposal. Even when you are completely prepared you may be uncomfortable as you won’t be able to see how she reacts to your messages and may not get what she is exactly going through after reading your texts. However, now you don’t need to worry. Hereby I am suggesting you some tips on how to impress the girl whom you secretly love on a WhatsApp chat. You can make her feel that you are the one for her by keeping a few simple things in mind while texting her:

5 Tips to propose a girl on WhatsApp, propose a girl for love

1) Text at the right time

Don’t text her when she is expected to be indulged in her daily routine works. Nighttime is the best time when you should send a message. As she will be less busy. Your chat will not be hindered by her friends or colleagues. The chances of having a really nice conversation remain very high. The cherry on the cake is that if you will talk to her at the night she will be thinking about you before she sleeps.

2) Keep it short

Don’t overload your message with too many words. Instead, start it with a “hello”. Even if she asks about your day, avoid telling her all the routine of your life. Just sum it up with ” well-spent day” or anything like this. It will add a sense of curiosity in her mind for knowing the reason for which you are texting her. This will also not let her get bored and she is likely to be interested in your chat.

Yes, it is true that long detailed messages may bore her. However, be attentive enough to get the point where you need to speak little more or else she can feel that you are not interested in talking and end up the convo. – How to impress a girl on WhatsApp & How to propose a girl on WhatsApp chat.

3) Be calm, don’t appear desperate

This is the most important thing you must keep in your mind. Let me tell you, you can totally lose the chance if you will look desperate to impress her. Girls are quick to sense the intentions. But at times they can misjudge too. So while you are talking to her maintain the interval of texting back. Don’t reply to her message in a nanosecond. Stop! Wait for a few seconds, think for the right reply and then send it to her. Here you need to identify the difference between showing interest and being desperate. No girl wants to have a boyfriend like that. Everyone likes their own space.

How to propose a girl on whatsapp, propose a girl for love
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4) Compliment her

People love to be praised, girls are not an exception to this. They really like when someone gives a compliment. It is in human nature to feel good when someone makes them realise they are special. Praise her for small things, but make sure to do this decently, otherwise, she may be embarrassed.
To make her feel special you can compliment her hair, skin or clothes instead of her figure. Don’t exaggerate! Make her believe that you like what she is. The right words of praise said at the right time for worthy things will surely make her smile and she will pay attention to you. This is the best to Propose a Girl on WhatsApp, propose a girl for love.

5) No dirty talks, keep it bit flirty

Be clear about what you want to say. Give your message in a flirty or fun way. Don’t jump up to the next level quickly. No girl likes somebody talking dirty to her all of a sudden.

In the beginning, keep your words clean. Though you can keep it flirty. This will make her feel that you are interested in her. I remind you again to keep your flirting subtle on Whatsapp. Remember! She isn’t expecting sleazy words and she isn’t your girl yet.
You can tease her gently and be humorous. This will put a smile on her face. The combo of flirt and humour is the perfect one to go for. However, don’t cross lines. Be wise enough to draw a line between flirty and sleazy. this is really an amazing tip you should keep in mind while propose a girl on WhatsApp or when proposing a girl for love.

How to propose a girl on WhatsApp, propose a girl for love

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