The first thing that I want to tell you about Torrent download is that it’s not completely legal or completely safe for your PC. It makes your PC vulnerable to security and privacy. However, it consists of a bright side too, which is very bright that it washes away the dark side. In India downloading from torrent portals is legal for your private purposes. On the other hand, it’s completely illegal to download torrent products in the US.  Only the content that is not protected by copyrights is legal for downloading. For example, only open source media and files are legal to download (like Ubuntu, Centos). However, Torrent downloading is famous for providing Movies, games, applications, Ebooks, Audiobooks, Music albums and singles, Tv shows, Images etc.  Moreover, some of the different categories have their individual websites for downloads. While few websites have integrated them all at single place.

Utorrent and BitTorrent:

To begin download any content from the torrent sites you first need to download the program called Utorrent or BitTorrent from their websites. (Both works the same, the choice is yours) Both of them are available for Windows and Mac os.  You have to Install them to your computer. However, during the installation process make sure to unselect any kind to additional download or software.

Security issues:

If you are using a Windows device, ensure that you have a proper antivirus working on your device. Then try to keep the antivirus up to date, update its virus definition database. (For Mac systems just avoid downloading any zip file as you are unaware of the real contents of the zip file). At last, make a separate “download” folder (To make it organized) anywhere in your PC.

Downloading the files:

To download any file with Utorrent or Bittorrent you need to visit their host website first. Then you need to look for the content you need. After that open a search result. Now comes the crucial part if you want to download your file at a decent speed. Accordingly, you must check the amount of seed(ers) and leech(ers). As number of seeds must be larger than the number of leeches. After that click on download torrent icon, it will prompt you to download a small file of 4-6kb. Now launch the file using the Utorrent or Bittorrent application. Then it will ask you a download location for your file. Select a download location preference and then the download should start.

The concept of seeders and leechers:

Seeders are folks who have already completed downloading the file and are uploading them. The higher the seeders the faster the download speeds.
Leechers are the folks who are downloading what you have downloaded.
When searching torrents, always try to go for high seeders. If there are no seeders, you will never complete your download, no matter even there are no lechers.

More the lechers the slower the download. Therefore, try to search a file with many seeds and with low leeches.

Torrent downloads are cool as compared with other downloading websites which provides media and software with spam and adware. On the other hand, torrent downloads provide high-quality content. Normal downloading sites will never match the quality and the proper organization of files.

Additional tips:

Before browsing any file after any downloading just go the download folder where you have downloaded the file. Then scan that folder with any antivirus working on your system. (This works with windows, Mac is more secure so no need for this step). After that, check the results of your scan make sure there’s nothing fishy in the results. (Note: Antivirus doesn’t include the Windows Defender as it’s a very basic program to detect high level of infections). However, the following step is only for those users who want to ensure their computer’s security. Torrent files are usually not malicious; thousands of folks download content using torrent but it’s better to ensure security. Therefore, it’s recommended to read the comment section of the torrent webpage before any downloading.



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