Why Mr. Bean is so good and so immensely popular? Rowan Atkinson
Why Mr. Bean is so good and so immensely popular?

Every 90s kids or even a 2000s kid you must be familiar with Mr. Bean. Undoubtedly, Mr. Bean is the most popular comedy character in the world. In fact, we can compare is legacy with Charlie Chaplin. He is a guy who makes us laugh no matter how many times we watch the show. Rowan Atkinson was made for this role. He has so many other hit movies and TV shows. But, Mr. Bean truly defines this actor. The majority of the people around the world knows about Mr. Bean and his comic tales. So what’s makes so great to maintain his legacy? Let’s find out.

Why is Mr. Bean so immensely popular?

Mr. Bean is mysterious

The origin of the character is completely unknown to the viewers. No one knows any backstory which defines his past or his true identity. This becomes more unique when at the beginning of the show we see him falling from the sky to the earth. It gives us the impression that Mr. Bean is not an ordinary human. Instead, he seems to be an alien to us. Furthermore, this theory gets cleared in the animated series where we clearly see a spaceship visiting earth. That episode shows various cones of Mr. Bean which proves the alien theory to us. This unique origins and characters make the audience more curious to watch the show.

He gets his stuff

It’s not stupid if it works. Mr. Bean is the guy who won’t take the easy way to get things done. His life is full of day to day troubles. Still, with his clever or stupid tricks, he manages to get the job done. The process was maybe completely crazy. But, the outcome always remains fruitful and successful. This makes us think that life could be fun if we use a different perspective.

Rowan Atkinson

It is true there are many other renounced actors who could have played this role. However, it is one and one Rowan Atkinson is the guy who created a legacy out of the character of Mr. Bean. The impeccable acting skills of Rowan Atkinson are still praised even after 20 years of the original show. The facial expressions and body language are so incredible that we never saw in any other comic character in the world.

The movies

Mr. Bean started as a daily television show. However, it soon became an instant hit gave inspirations to countless other comic characters. Later this legacy also gave birth to Mr. Bean movies which also did well in the theatres. The character became a worldwide symbol of comedy. Even after 2 decades we still get to see a few comic reliefs of Mr. Bean.

The Language is universal

Unlike every other comedy show, you don’t need English to understand the show. Mr. Bean’s actions are rather visual than verbal. He speaks very less throughout the show. In fact, he only utters a few words when interacting with others. This removes the language barrier to understand the show. Even in the countries where English is not spoken, Mr. Bean is same famous as the English speaking countries.

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