Mental health problems in college students on the rise 2017

College life is definitely one of the most important phrase of our lives. As it is the key to unlock true potentials to professional life. Moreover, higher studies enlighten our minds with knowledge and experience as well. In some cases, we also acquire professional skills from college life. However, being in a college is not easy. In the world of high competition and tons of distractions, it is hard for us to stand sane. As a result, the students gets tense and often faces anxiety issues. If not treated these problems often leads to serious mental problems in their life. Presently, we are facing highest number of suicide attempts ever recorded. This is mainly due to the immense stress that the students face in their college life.

Problems that leads to mental health problems:

Extreme competition

The population is growing at a rapid rate. For this reason, there are more competitors in every single field. Everyone wants a high paying job, and that creates huge crowd. You must excel in the academic department to have good marks. And good marks are the way to secure a good job. However, it’s not that simple as it sounds. Not everyone is good in studies, there are many students who are constantly struggling to get good marks. While some are unable to obtain good marks even after tons of hard work. These students often face anxiety and depression in their life. If these problems remain untreated then it could lead to serious health issues as well. Many reports of suicide attempts have been reported in the top most institutions. Having the proper treatment before the problem increases is the best way to avoid such extreme conditions.

Obsession over body

Our world is now becoming a glamour based world. You must have seen the fairness cream ad where a guy gets the job on the basis of his fairness instead of his qualifications. Well, that’s a very good example of what’s going on these days. People spending time more in the gym instead of doing anything productive. Okay, I’m not against the gyms but people are becoming over concerned about their bodies. However, not everyone is lucky to have a well-toned body. There are some people who are either fat or skinny. This makes them fell even worse cause they don’t fit into society’s expectations. Ultimately, they get huge depression. As a result, those who are fat cut their diets violently. While those who are skinny becomes the victim of muscle enhancing drugs. Both ideologies are against the healthy functioning of the body.

Problems with relationships

Today, the majority of the youth is getting into trouble with their relationships. In some cases, they become a one sided lover. And this ultimately leads of self loathe and hatred about the concept of love. Furthermore, the concept of true love is diminishing day by day among the youth. Now days having a lover is becoming much of a status symbol. In boys having the most beautiful girlfriend is a status symbol. While in girls having a rich boyfriend is the status symbol. This is only going into the direction of materialism among the college students. And those who faces rejection ultimately ends up being isolated and depressed. People nowadays are unable to face rejection in their lives. Over expectation is main reason behind such problem.

The social media effect

This is something new in the students. In the world of social media people are continuously uploading their statuses on the web. Facebook and Instagram are the most common platforms among the people. However, we tend to feel bad when everyone else shows that they are having fun. While we are continuously struggling with life. But you should know that no one wants to share about their miseries. Instead everyone is sharing their accomplishments. The majority of the youth is unable to acknowledge this fact and gets into depression and jealousy.


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