Over the years, the Indian economy has been growing at a good pace. And we are well aware of the Maruti’s people’s car the 800. It was the first car which redlined the Indian automotive industry. It was the 800 which brought the hatchback trend into the Indian market. Before the introduction of 800, India was only the home to large sedans like the Hindustan Motors Ambassador, Fiat 1100 etc. During those days a car was also considered as a luxury item. Therefore, only the rich folks could afford a car in their garage. The Maruti 800 first came in 1981. The company was named after the Hindu god, Hanuman.

Their first car had a small engine of 796 cc that was capable of producing 39 BHP. However, this small engine was enough to small car weighing just 600kgs. Moreover, fuel bills were also but down as the car was promising a decent fuel economy to its customers. This package was enough to catch the attention of Indian buyers towards the car.

The sales skyrocketed overnight. This demand was so huge that the company was unable match with the demand of their car. At the first introduction of the car, it was priced at a very attractive price of 47,500 INR. This figure so good that people who were planning to buy two wheelers saved more to buy this car. Above all, people had to wait for an entire year just to get the delivery of the car.

Reasons behind the success of the car:

It was completely new attempt in the automotive industry of India. Moreover, the compact and affordable nature of the car made it more famous among the Indians.

  • A true affordable car

In the 80s the big car manufacturers were dominating the market. Everyone was owning some midsize sedan which always costed a good fortune. However, the 800 was something revolutionary in the market. It was the most affordable car in the market during its launch. It automatically made it very desirable among the middle class families. It was definitely the most affordable car in the market, but it was also the people’s first car. The Maruti 800 was the new thing in the market. Thus, there were next no zero competitors as well. The nearest rival of Maruti 800 costed 50K INR more than 800. And during those days 50K was a good money.

  • Decent equipment list

Despite of being the most affordable car in the market. The Maruti 800 came equipped with decent options and features. Buyers could easily expect air conditioning, comfortable seats, good suspensions at a fraction of a price what others had to offer. So, at its release it was offering everything a car should have.

  • Better finance options

This car was really cheap. But it got even affordable when various finance companies tied up with the company to introduce various schemes. Moreover, the Indian Government was also offering various subsidies for the vehicle. All of this made the car even popular and affordable for the common folks.

  • Best after sales service

Well this point took some years for establishment. Maruti was growing rapidly in the Indian market with its people’s car. For this reason, they also managed to ensure best after sales service. You can easily locate their service center or dealer in any part of India. Moreover, they are also famous for providing genuine parts at very low cost. In fact, you will find their parts at any local repairing shops as well. That’s the magic of this iconic car of India. The motorists often compare the success of 800 with Volkswagen Beetle, Citroen 2CV.



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