Is Hydroxychloroquine effective against Coronavirus
Is Hydroxychloroquine effective against Coronavirus

Is Hydroxychloroquine effective against Coronavirus: The medicine which has been regarded as a game-changer around the world, Hydroxychloroquine. This drug has raised some of the most serious questions. does usage Hydroxychloroquine is fatal for treatment? 

From the moment when Coronavirus became a global pandemic, the demand of Hydroxychloroquine has also been increased significantly. This malaria treating medicine is now being used as a big weapon against corona virus. Many countries around the world are importing this medicine from India. United States President, Donald Trump has even regarded this medicine as a game-changer. Not only this Trump warned India for not supplying this medicine to the US. However, a new study from America has revealed an astonishing fact. America’s National Institute of Health (NIH) University of Virginia’s researchers has discovered that the people who are being treated normally have better chances of survival. Whereas, the usage of Hydroxychloroquine in the treatment has resulted in more deaths. This study clearly states that even if they mix Hydroxychloroquine with Azithromycin, then also chances of survival are significantly less. 

How this study took place?

NIH University of Virginia’s team of scientists observed the treatment process of 368 Covid-19 patients. Out of these patients, some patients had died, while some had been discharged from the hospital after recovery. NIH University’s study shows that 97 patients were given Hydroxychloroquine, while 113 patients were given Hydroxychloroquine with Azithromycin. Whereas, 158 Covid-19 were not given any of these medicines. The 97 patients who were given Hydroxychloroquine, 27.8% of them died of the virus. On the other hand, the patients who were given Hydroxychloroquine with Azithromycin, 22.7% from them died. However, the patients who were not given any of these medicines, only 11.4% of them died.

The researchers behind this study have also claimed that we cannot be sure until the trial and testing of these medicines for the treatment of Covid-19. According to New York Times, if Hydroxychloroquine gets the recognition for the treatment of Coronavirus around the world, then the company’s manufacturing this medicine will hugely profit. However, using Hydroxychloroquine without any evidence for the treatment of Coronavirus has made Trump a topic of debate. If could be possible that the experiments taking place to use these medicines for the treatment of Covid-19 could have different results. It is up to time to determine if Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin would be any effective to treat this virus. Is Hydroxychloroquine effective against Coronavirus?


It’s been five months since the Coronavirus pandemic started from Wuhan, China. Till now over 191,000 people have lost their lives from this deadly virus. The majority of the countries are having complete lockdown and quarantine. Governments and healthcare workers are working their best to treat people and stop the virus from spreading. The upcoming weeks will be the most critical weeks to decide the fate of countries like India. Any violation of lockdown could mean compromising the security of crores. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also trying his best to resolve virus spread from the grass root levels.

Is Hydroxychloroquine effective against Coronavirus?

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