Interesting Study about Ramayana Intriguing Facts about Ramayana
Interesting Study about Ramayana

Interesting Study about Ramayana – Do you know the old Indian story behind Ramayana? It is a well-known story that portrays the battle of Lord Rama. Mainly to spare his abducted spouse, Sita, from Ravana. The ruler of evil spirits living in Sri Lanka. Rama was the lord of Ayodhya. Above all, the Ramayana was composed by Valmiki hundreds of years prior. It is considered one of the best stories ever. The followers of Hindu religions entrails the lessons of the Ramayana. Today, we will enlighten you today with some fascinating certainties about Ramayana.

Intriguing Facts about Ramayana

  1. Rama’s Exile

Rama was compelled to go on an outcast for a long time by his progression mother, Kaikeyi. Firstly, Rama was the oldest child. Secondly, he had the privilege to sit on the position of royalty of his dad, Dasharatha. However, Kaikeyi did not need Lord Rama to end up a ruler. She needed her child, Bharat, to possess his dad’s position of royalty. Lastly, she had Dasharatha, who was bound on her favors, to oust Rama for a long time.

2. Rama inspired Sita on bows and arrows challenge

The arrow based weaponry challenge was held for men to charm Sita with their bows and arrows capacities. In fact, ruler Rama was the main rival who could turn the bow. By this sight everybody got astonishment. Finally, he won the hearts of Sita and hitched her in a split second.

3. Ravana steals Sita

The deer had to encircle Sita in the woods. Interestingly, Ravan’s evil presence had appeared as a deer to enamour Sita’s consideration. She requested that Rama bring back the deer. Laxman drew a hover around Sita with the end goal to shield her from underhandedness spirits. In the in the interim, Ravana showed up as a heavenly man to trap Sita to go too far. However, Sita was effortlessly deceived and subsequently was abducted by Ravana, the evil presence lord of Sri Lanka.

4. Rama meets Hanuman

Hanuman helped Rama to discover Sita. As he had seen Sita dropping her decorations from the sky while Ravana was taking her to Sri Lanka. Interestingly, Rama shaped a multitude of monkeys to crush Ravana in the fight. Then, they walked southwards and crossed the sea to achieve Lanka. Later, Rama kills Ravana toward the end and was at long last ready to protect Sita.

5. Rama comes back to Ayodhya following fourteen years of exile

Rama was delegated after he comes back to Ayodhya. He represented the kingdom with information and shrewdness. Above all, he ended up being an incredible ruler. The general population too had admiration for him. So this is also one of the Intriguing Facts about Ramayana.

So this is it, that was the Interesting Study about Ramayana. After the famous epic of Mahabharata. Ramayana is the greatest epic of Indian Mythology. Every year people celebrate Diwali as the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya. For this reason, Indians consider this day to be the greatest festival of the year. People buy new clothes and decorate their home with beautiful lights and lamps. Moreover, people give sweets and gifts to each other to celebrate their relations and friendship. Whereas, the kids celebrate the day by bursting lot of firecrackers. Intriguing Facts about Ramayana.


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