Interesting facts about Tigers 10 sentences about tiger
Interesting facts about Tigers

Interesting facts about Tigers: Tigers is surely one of the deadly predators on this planet. They have got massive and sharp teeth to hunt their prey. On the other hand, they also have the quickness to catch their running prey. However, they are also beautiful species on this planet. The unique prints similar to Zebra is really remarkable. In fact, those unique prints really help them to hide while hunting for their prey. so today we will discuss the 10 sentences about the Tiger.

Interesting facts about Tigers || 10 sentences about tiger

  • The Biggest Cat in the Jungle

Yes, Tigers fall in the category of Cat. But they are surely the biggest of their kind. Because the Lions have bit different characteristics than traditional cats. While the Tigers have really similar traits like an ordinary house cat. Presently, there are five types of Tigers in this world. This includes the Sumatran, South China, Bengal, Siberian and last but not the least Indochinese tigers.

  • They need meat for their diet

An ordinary house cat can survive without meat in their diet. But Tigers are quite different in this case. Their main food is meat and that’s why they rely on hunting preys. In fact, a healthy tiger can easily consume up to a hundred pounds of meat every day.  If we convert this diet into human terms, then it is equivalent to 400 burgers in one day. That’s really unbelievable.

  • Tigers and their food

People might say that Tigers loves to eat the human. But you are wrong in this case. Humans are always their least priority in their diet plan. In fact, they primarily hunt for Zebras, Buffaloes, Hyenas, Giraffes etc.

  • Tigers and their massive size

Size is what matters on the battlefield. In this case, the tigers really excel this department of size. They usually have heights up to 2 meters. That’s quite above than the average height of the Humans. Moreover, their tail is also long a 3 to 4ft. On the other hand, a tiger can weigh up to 200 kilograms as well.

  • The Siberian Tiger

This species of Tiger is definitely the heaviest of all the species.  You may see one of the Siberian Tiger in your city zoo if you are lucky enough. This species can generally weigh up to 225 kilograms.

  • The vision of the Tiger

Tigers have a great vision to spot and chase them pray. They have got round pupils which enables them to see further than other wild animals. Moreover, they generally have a yellow iris colour while you can also find some with white or blue colour. Tiger intelligence facts.

  • Their range of visibility

Tigers have a huge range of visibility. Accordingly, they can see very far beyond our human eyes. Especially, they have a remarkable vision in the dark. In fact, they can spot their preys in extremely dark conditions. While we humans will need night vision goggles to spot anything in the dark.

  • The heaviest tiger in the world

Like I have been mentioning about the heavy bodies of the Tigers. The Siberian tigers are the heaviest in the entire species. Once a Siberian Tiger was recorded with 1,025 pounds, and that was the heaviest tiger in the world. So this is one of the unusual facts about tigers in India.

  • The Adult Tigers

Just like the Lions, the adult Tigers loves to live alone. The adult tiger generally creates their own home to live alone. While the Tiger also hunts alone. This enables them to hunt discreetly without sharing the food to the rest of his families. While there is a huge exception of the female tigers behind this point. As they often live with their families and shares their food as well. Interesting facts about Tigers for Kids.

  • The Young Tigers

The newborn cubs remain for 2-3 years with their mum. During this period the mum takes to care of all their necessities. Their mum also gives them protection from other deadly species which hunts these cubs. After the age of 3 years, these young cubs start their own journey as a free bird.

So this was the list of the Important / Interesting facts about Tigers. You might say that we might have missed a couple of points but we tried to cover it all.

  • 10 sentences about tiger

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