Interesting facts about the Sun

Amazing facts about the Sun: Sun is our basic necessity to sustain human life on planet earth. The sun gives us heat and light which keeps us alive. Presently, humans are also using the sun as a non-exhaustible source of energy. In fact, I would say the Sun is a perfect clean source of energy. So, without further a due let’s know some interesting facts about the sun.

10 Interesting facts about the Sun

  • The Sun is constantly burning

Well, quite literally it has been burning since a very long time. In earth, fires are caused by combustion that needs some source of oxygen to burn. While there’s no oxygen on the Sun. For this reason, the fire is generated by only burning hydrogen. Scientists call this process as nuclear fission. In other words, this kind of fire is completely different than you know about. The exists for millions of years, so it means that it is constantly burning from its inception.

  • The Sun has a unique structure

Well for your information Sun isn’t just a burning ball of fire. In fact, it has complex forms of layers underneath its surface. Firstly, the surface of the sun is known as Photosphere. It consists of thick gases. Secondly, underneath the surface, you will find three other layers, its core, its radiative zone and the convective zone. All of this makes a big fireball work properly. However, the gases are extremely dangerous, so no can reach the sun till now.

  • Sunlight takes eight minutes to reach earth’s surface

Our sun is about 93 million miles away from Earth. For this reason, the sunlight takes 8 minutes to reach our planet. So, according to this observation, we still would eight minutes to survive if the stops shinning.

  • Sun is huge it almost covers our entire solar system

The Sun consists of about 99.8 per cent of our solar system. After sun only Jupiter comes next. Sadly, its shame that we live in such a tiny planet if we start comparing with the sun. After this observation, we can say our planet barely exists in the solar system. In fact, we can even conclude that the sun is not just a part of our solar system it is our solar system.

  • The Sun will die after 6 billion years

Okay, that’s so much life for the sun. And you wouldn’t be there to explore the life of the Sun. But the scientists have been estimating that our Sun will live for another 5 to 6 billion years.

  • The Sun is getting bigger and hotter

Sun is very hot but did you know that it’s getting bigger and hotter. In fact, scientists have been predicting that the Sun will wipe out every life forms on our planet. Gradually it will melt all the ice caps which will flood our planet. Then all the water bodies will start to evaporate resulting in global drought. That’s quite worrying I would say.

  • The Sun is white in colour

Most of us think that our Sun is Yellow. However, in reality, is white in colour. Perhaps it’s just a matter of perspective but in reality, the Sun is actually Yellow. When we go out of our atmosphere it starts to appear yellow.

  • You won’t be blind if you constantly look towards the sun

Everyone told us that if we continuously look at the sun we’ll go blind. However, this is wrong, it won’t make you blind. It is possible to damage your eyes but not complete vision loss.

  • Our Sun is mostly made of Hydrogen and helium

As I have mentioned before that the sun doesn’t consist of oxygen. Instead, it comprises mainly of Helium and Oxygen. Both of them are perfect to keep the sun burning for billions of years.

So this is it, that was the fun facts about the sun. Thank you for reading the article Interesting facts about the sun for Kids.


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