Interesting facts about Rolls Royce Plc

If I ask you about the purpose of a car, then you will say it helps us to navigate from one place to another. However, this definition of car changes with the brand Rolls Royce. They are the true pioneer of luxury and craftsmanship. Above all, a Rolls Royce serves as a perfect status symbol for the rich folks. They might have lost their British origin, but the company is under reputed car manufacturer, BMW. Earlier they were just big lousy machines. However, BMW has made them more agile and quicker than ever before. So let’s discuss some interesting facts about Rolls Royce.

  • The majority of Rolls Royce are produced in USA

Despite of being a European badge. The majority of the Rolls are manufactured in the Indianapolis plant. US has the largest demand of the Rolls, that’s why they have created this major plant. Over 4000 workers are working in this facility in Indianapolis.

  • They only use to the engine and chassis

Till 1946 Rolls Royce only used to sell their engine and the chassis of the car. For this reason, the customers had to put their own custom build chassis to complete the car. However, this changed after 1946. Now you must be aware of their state of the art interiors.

  • The Stationary wheel caps

After the BMW acquisition all Rolls have their wheel caps stationary. This means they don’t rotate with motion and stays still shining the brand. We can say this is a design element of the car.

  • The spirit of Ecstasy cannot be stolen

You must have the shiny badge above any Rolls. It is really expensive ornament lying on the top the car as a status symbol. The company has managed to make the badge theft proof. This helps a lot to prevent that shiny badge from getting stolen.

  • Only one man has the authority to paint the Rolls

Today, almost every car is painted by automatic robots. However, Rolls Royce is something class apart. Mark Court is the man who has the authority to paint Rolls Royce. Above all, he has a stable hand and no machine could match his art with precision.

  • Hong Kong has the highest numbers of Rolls Royce

Yes, you read that right. The west may have a very strong economy but it is Hong Kong where there are the highest number of Rolls Royce. Most of the business executives in Hong Kong prefers the luxury Rolls over any other car in the market.

  • There’s a special courses the Chauffeurs of Rolls Royce

We can say that Chauffeur is a fancy term of driver. Well, with Rolls Royce its even fancier. There’s an entire training program provided by Rolls Royce for its drivers. Above all, the program is meant to create awareness about their luxury cars. The applicant of the program will learn some etiquettes as well. Moreover, considering the size of their cars this kind of training is required to fully understand their cars.

  • Only Bull skin is used for its leather seats

It takes 8 bulls to sacrifice their life to complete the leather upholstery of the car. Moreover, the company only uses male cattle, because female cattle tend to have stretch marks during pregnancy. On the other hand, these cattle live in the coldest regions of Europe. Well, that’s what I call attention to detail.

  • Over 65 percent of Rolls Royce ever produced are still on the road

Yes, this essentially defines the car’s reliability as well. There are over 65 percent of their cars still running on the road. They rarely face any breakdown or issues. Above all, Rolls Royce always equips the finest materials into their cars. There’s really no alternative to the Rolls in terms of luxury and craftsmanship.

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