Any dictatorship is the most authoritarian form of government. We have seen many dictatorships come and go. Whether it might Hitler’s regime or Gaddafi’s wrath. In the end they mess their own people. Presently, North Korea is the largest dictatorship in the world. It stands as a complete threat to our international peace. Their government and rules are famous for countless homicides and atrocities in their nation. Above all, North Korea also have been isolating themselves from the rest of the world. This makes this nation mysterious in nature. As the universal governing bodies cannot investigate what’s going on in their country. Moreover, North Korea spends a lot in their defense programs and nuclear war heads. For this reason, they also have been threatening the US in the recent times. Here are some quick interesting facts about North Korea that might enlighten your mind.

  • In North Korea there are only 18 haircuts for women and 10 for men

Well this is the first example of a total authoritarian form of government in North Korea. Their government even controls the type of hairstyle you get from your barber. However, if you try to violate this in North Korea. Then, soon you’ll be put behind the bars with legal charges on you.

  • North Korea has their own calendar

Instead of following the universal Christian calendar they are using the birth of Kim IL Sung. Accordingly, it’s not 2017 in North Korea its 106 instead. Earlier they use to follow the traditional Japanese calendar. But that to change under the pressure of the dictatorship.

  • Ryugyong Hotel is their tallest building

Yes, it is the tallest building in entire North Korea. It consists of 105 floors along with over 3,000 rooms. However, most of the rooms remains vacant due to their crippling economy.

  • No Choco pies

This is as ridiculous as it sounds. This ban was imposed by Kim Jong-Un. He fears that removing the ban will promote South Korean culture in their country. Furthermore, the dictator also feels that it would lead to an uprising against his government.

  • No blue jeans

In the past just after the Second World War, America and North Korea had a nasty war. Presently, there’s a complete ban on wearing jean in any part of the region. They fear that it would promote American imperialism in their nation.

  • Weed is legal here

Well, there has been a massive debate about removing the ban over weed in the western countries. However, North Korea is a different case. Anyone in North Korea can grow or consume weed. Perhaps this is to make them forget about other problems in their country.

  • Three generations of prison sentence

So, far we have talked about various bans in North Korea. But this law even takes it further with its ridiculous nature. If you commit any crime in North Korea then along with you, your father his father will also land to the prison. It doesn’t matter whether they have any involvement in the crime or not. No one the has the courage to stand against the system in North Korea. In fact, one who does also gets jailed with his family.

  • No proper electricity

We have known that North Korea is a backwards country. As most of the region is still deprived of electricity. In fact, it almost gets completely dark in the night. Only few street lights tend to work in the night. Above all, if you take some pictures of North Korea from the space. Then you will only spot some darkness over the region not any light in the night.



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