The light bulb has been the major invention of the 20th century. The light bulb is often known as lamp. It generates light from electricity. It has been replacing all the traditional forms of artificial lighting. Generally, a light bulb consists of a ceramic or metal base which is connected to a tungsten wire. Below are some interesting facts about Light bulbs you should know.

 Different categories of bulbs

In the market you will find various kinds of light bulbs. In fact, most of them have advanced technologies while some still focuses on the old school stuff. However, there are two major categories; incandescent lamps and gas-discharge lamps.

The incandescent Lamps

The incandescent lamps come from the old technology of bulb. This kind of bulbs emits light by their filament made of hot tungsten wire. The inside of the bulb is usually under vacuum that’s why the write inside the bulb doesn’t completely burn. Ultimately, emitting bright light for you without much any burn. However, these bulbs generally require more energy than other forms of bulbs.

The gas discharge lamps

These bulbs emit light through electric arc via gas. Gas mainly enables these bulbs to function properly. Moreover, these bulbs are power efficient if we compare them to the incandescent lamps. Presently, the old incandescent bulbs have been replaced by these bulbs to save power.

Their energy efficiency

 From the introduction of the first light bulb there has been massive changes into their design and efficiency. In the recent times the traditional incandescent lamps have been replaced by CFLs and LEDs.

Their different uses

The modern light bulb has been a very useful invention for the mankind. They have been used to illuminate in dark conditions. Street lamps, head lamps, search lights are various types of electronics that comes under the light bulb.

The halogen bulb

You can say this bulb is just a regular light bulb on steroids. Accordingly, a halogen lamp emits more powerful light than a standard light bulb. On the other hand, it also reaches temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius. These bulbs are often used in stadiums and studios to achieve the maximum lighting conditions.

The florescent bulb

This lamp consists of a delicate glass tube that contains mercury. Whenever electricity flows through the tube, it causes the gases to illuminate the bulb. We can say that both electricity and ultraviolet gases becomes the energy source of these lamps. They have been more common in the recent times.

LED lamps

They are very famous for their long life. Presently, the companies are boasting up to 100,000 of life for each bulb. It is definitely the modern alternative to the traditional light bulb. It’s energy efficiency makes it very popular among the people. While it lasts more than any standard light bulb.

The carbon arc lamps

These lamps are not very common these day. For this reason, it is very unlikely you will find one of these anywhere. This lamp is consisting for two carbon rod electrodes in the open air. These electrodes help the lamp to illuminate itself.  However, due to their outdated technology they have gone obsolete.

Life expectancy of lamps

The traditional bulbs had 50 percent life expectancy. Most of the time the tungsten wire inside the lamp would break to disconnect the circuit inside the bulb. Overheating often caused this to happen. However, with the introduction latest technologies the life of bulbs has been increasing by a wide margin.  The newer bulbs can last for years with total efficiency. However, they cost a bit more than the standard light bulbs.



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