Everyone must have heard the name about Isaac Newton if they have studied Physics at least in 8th standard. Isaac Newton is famous as the father of modern physics. His contribution to the world of physics are widely praised. In fact, his theories are easily applicable into practical life tasks. His laws are the fundamental elements of modern-day physics. The story of falling Apple and the discovery of gravity is very famous around the world. You might say that Albert Einstein is the greatest of all. But Isaac Newton is one step ahead of the game. Being a successful scientist in the day of religious extremism was really a hard job. Below are some interesting facts about Isaac Newton.

  • He never liked his step father

Well, yeah he never had good relationship with his stepfather. He only adored is mother and hated his step farther. For this reason, he was sent to his grandmother for schooling. He grew up along with his grandmother. However, later in his life his stepfather became bitter to him. In fact, Isaac was a victim of both verbal and physical abuse.

  • The Apple story might be false or different

Okay, this might be a big shock for some readers. And you might be thinking that your whole life has been a lie. But the Apple story about the discovery of gravity isn’t 100 percent true at all. In reality, one-day Newton was looking out of a window then he saw an Apple falling from this window. At this moment, he discovers gravity. However, with the blend of some spice and salt makes the story more interesting and memorable.

  • He was not expected to survive when he was a child

Isaac Newtown was a premature child. In fact, he was born 15 weeks early than the expected delivery date. At his birth, he was very thin and weak. He could even fit into a small bowl. Such premature birth is often associated with weak health and other conditions.

  • He was also researching about the 2012 fiasco

We have been through about the news of end of the world in 2012. Thankfully, though it turned out to be false theory. And we are still here to survive together for a long time. However, Isaac Newton was so ahead of his time that even did a research about the 2012 theory. He did with proper scientific experimentation along with various interpretations of the Bible as well.

  • Newton was also a politician for a while

Well, don’t get your hopes up to prime minister level. He stood as a member of the parliament for an entire year. However, Newton never had any true interest in politics. Science was only his thing. One time he stood inside the parliament. Everyone was in complete excitement that he’s going to say something. However, he only said to shut a window.

  • His dog burned his laboratory

Well, accidents do happen now and then. Issac’s pet was alone at his laboratory while he was out. Sadly, that pet led to a catastrophic fire in his laboratory. Almost 20 years of work got destroyed under this accident.

  • Isaac became a depression victim

Often people who overthink faces the problem of depression. Isaac was no exception, he felt into a depressive lifestyle in his later years. In fact, he often used to isolate himself from the world in his lab.

  • He had a high IQ

Isaac was from a time when there was no such thing as a IQ scale. However, his IQ is said to be of high of 190. This is astonishing and remarkable even by today’s standard.


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