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Interesting facts about Indian Army: The responsibility of security of a country resides over the Armed Forces of the country. Above all, the Indian Army performs greater than the security service for the country. Whatever it may be, natural disaster, pacifying civilian agitation or rescue or even evacuation operation. Our Indian Army has always brought the people to safe places. And to date, the Indian Army has been contributing in every possible way to create peace and securing the nation. However, there are various facts that will make every Indian proud of the Indian Army.

 Interesting facts about Indian Army

  • India has the largest volunteer Army and third largest Army in the world which makes it strong and robust in the list of the best armies in the world.
  • The Indian Army orchestrated the Operation Rahat in Uttarakhand in 2013. Accordingly, it was one of the greatest civilian rescue operations in the world ever.
  • Indian Army also evacuated many civilians from war hit Yemen. This not only includes the Indians but also evacuation of people from 41 nations was done at that time.
  • Siachen Glacier stands as the highest battlefield in the world. This glacier is situated 5000m above sea level. Surviving for an average person is very hard there. Presently, the Indian Armed Forces own this place and take care of this remote location. It plays an important role in border territories.
  • India stands 4th in the global firepower after the U.S., Russia, and China.
  • High Altitude Warfare School of the Indian Army is one of the top training schools where soldiers from the U.K., U.S., and other nations visit to get training.
  • After Indo-Pak war 1971, about 93000 soldiers and officials from Pakistan surrendered in front of the Indian Army. It was the highest number of prisoners of war after World War II.

More Amazing Facts About Indian Army:

  • Agni and Prithvi are the nuclear-capable missiles. Both of them are among the most accurate in striking the target.
  • Brahmos 2 will be the fastest hypersonic missile in the world with a speed of 7 Mach.
  • The Bailey bridge in Ladakh that is a connecting link between Drass and Suru Rivers was constructed by Indian Army in 1992. It is one of the highest bridges in the world.
  • The Indian Army has its base in Tajikistan and a base in Afghanistan is under negotiation.
  • Battle of Laungewala showed the remarkable bravery of the Indian Army soldiers. Above all, these 120 soldiers fought 2000 Pakistani soldiers have 45 tanks.
  • MES is currently among the most efficient engineering agencies. Moreover, that is behind some remarkable road and bridges like Khardungla pass, Magnetic Hill in Leh etc.

Conclusion –

The facts above signify the bold and strong determination of every Indian soldier in India. The Indian Army has always stood straight whenever the nation needed them. The Indian Army has been doing, construction, rescue, defence, training and much other work which make them special. Finally, every Army aspirant and citizens must know these facts and should be proud of it.

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