Undoubtedly Dogs are the most loyal creatures in this world. For this reason, they are also the most preferred pet as well. Over millions of people have dogs are their pets. Moreover, defense forces around the world also uses dogs for their safety as well. This intelligent animal has been serving mankind for hundreds of years for its betterment. Let us discuss some of the most interesting facts about Dogs.

  • Dogs have good low light vision

Just like the cats, Dogs also have a good low light vision. Their eyes also glow in the dark to spot any possible threat near them. This gives them enhanced feature to work even in the dark. While species like Human needs lighting aid to see in the dark.

  • Dogs and training

Over hundreds of years, people have been training their dogs to behave in a certain way. While the Dogs have been the most loyal companion to humans as well. They have been used in various work. For example, a dog can be taught to help a blind man cross the road. They can also safeguard a place from enemies.

  • Various myths about Dogs

There are various myths surrounding this intelligent animal. For example, some people believe that Dogs are blind to color. They cannot distinguish from one to another. However, this is a big lie as a dog can be trained to fetch a particular color thing. Therefore, Dogs can see difference between colors but may not clear as we do.

  • Life span of a dog

Well, life expectancy totally depends upon the living condition and breed of the dog. However, in some fortunate cases dogs can survive up to eighteen years. Above all, Dogs who lives in a rural place has better life expectancy than others. Mostly, the Dogs faces health problems relating to obesity which causes cardiac diseases.

  • Small dogs

There are can a huge difference between the sizes of a full grown dogs depending on their breeds. In fact, a full grown adult dog can look like a puppy. On the other hand, a puppy can also look like an adult. It all depends upon their breed.

  • Dogs are funny

Because of their friendly nature Dogs are generally funny. They often do some of the funniest things you could ever imagine. For example, once Teddy Roosevelt’s dog had scratched pants of some French Ambassador during his visit. If you browse the internet, then you will find countless funny videos of Dogs lying around.

  • The Bond between Dogs and humans

Over Centuries the bond between dogs and humans is evident. In fact, a dog becomes a part of the family of its owner. This bond is strong that some owners even spends thousands of dollars for their pets. No other animal is not as friendly as dogs are. Above all, they are almost like humans with brain of a four-year-old.

  • Dogs are dangerous

Well don’t always fall for their intelligence and cuteness. Dogs are carnivore in nature. Therefore, they have sharp teeth and long claws. They often result in hundreds of deaths around the world. Moreover, their bite can even cause pandemics. If a dog is not vaccinated well then it can surely infect anyone.

  • The Dog Population

Dogs are everywhere around the world. However, USA tops the list with maximum number of dogs in their nation. Second is France where the French poodle is the most famous breed. However, it is sad fact that in countries like China, dogs are eaten by humans as a cuisine.

  • Dogs and their ability

Dogs have various characteristics based on their breed. For example, if you want a fast runner then you should go for a Greyhound. On the other hand, if you want a dog for security then go for a German Shepherd.


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