Cats are mean and selfish in my opinion. But that doesn’t stop millions of cat owners petting them with every luxury available at their door step. In fact, cats are most popular pets after dogs. This small carnivore animal is the favorite to many around the world. Moreover, have you ever seen new born kitten? Surely, no one can deny them some comfort even they hold some evil intentions. So let me enlighten your knowledge with some interesting facts about cats.

  • Cats also loves music

Well, it is a common misconception that animals have lower intelligence level than humans. It is just the matter of perspective. For example, cats are really fond of music. Most of the cats loves to listen some fast energetic music throughout the day. More specifically cats really loves to listen the piano. You must have observed that cats loves to play piano. Therefore, next time when your cat is low try to play some music to amuse your cat.

  • The cat purrs

You must have heard a cat purr. And you must associate that sound with anger or agony. However, that sound provides some benefits to their body. It relaxes their bodies from any kind of bone, muscle pain. This sound usually falls under the range of 150 HZ. Above all, the sound provides some stretch throughout their body to ease any kind of pain.

  • Cats loves to run

    Well today the house cats doesn’t need to rely on hunting to feed their stomach. Their owners are good enough to feed them enough to stop hunting. However, the cats leave their natural instincts. And running is one of them. The cats love to run to keep their body ready for any hunt. So, in case you see your cat running in your home it might be doing it for practice not for hunting. This shows that animals are also very aware about their fitness.

  • Their eyes glows

Being a part of the same family as lion. The household cats have eyes that glows in the dark. This is due to fact that their eyes consist of tapetum lucidum. This is the area behind their retina which reflects light. For this reason, even household cats has the ability to see in the dark.

  • They have longer sleep cycle

Unlike other pets like Dogs and rabbits, cats have longer sleep cycle. They can even sleep up to sixteen hours every day. Quite a lazy routine. However, this sleep cycle is generally used to generate energy, fix dead tissues and improve their memory as well.

  • Cats love catnip

As a name suggests, cats often love this plant. Mainly, due to the fact that this plants consists of nepetalactone. Moreover, such plant also gives them euphoric effect.

  • Cats eat grass

You will be amazed to know the fact that cat also eat grass. We have been told that cats are carnivore in nature. However, sometimes cats are often spotted eating grass as well. Eating grass helps their digestive system to digest the stuff that they ate. Moreover, it also functions as a good source of vitamin for them. They are really health conscious.

  • Cats do dream as well

Just like humans, cats can also dream. In fact, they can experience the same dream over and over again. You may have noticed some cat chasing and running while they are asleep. This means that their subconscious mind is intelligent to think enough while they are asleep.

  • Tapeworms and cats

If you ever experience that you cat is eating a lot. Then it might be case of tapeworm, just like humans, cats can also get affected with tape worm. Best solution is to visit a veterinarian instead of any home solution.


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