Interesting facts about the Battle of Stalingrad
Interesting facts about the Battle of Stalingrad

Interesting facts about the Battle of Stalingrad: World War II was one of the most devastating war ever in human history. This article will enlighten your knowledge about Russian history in the Second World War. In Stalingrad Nazi Germany and its allies were fighting against the Soviet Union for the land of south-western Soviet Union. This short resistance was massive and devastating both for the military and the civilians. In fact, people often consider this as the bloodiest battles in the world. However, Hitler’s plan to capture went total Kaput when the Soviet Union managed to show resistance against them. Below are some interesting facts about the battle of Stalingrad.

  • The number of casualties in the war

It was surely a destructive war. The Soviet Union won the Battle of Stalingrad. However, they had to face over one million casualties in the war. Moreover, the war also results in 40,000 civilian casualties as well.

  • The Operation Barbossa

Hitler was a clever man he was planning to quickly defeat the Soviet Union in 1941. However, his plan miserably fails due to Soviet resistance. Germany also tried to stop the US aid provided to the Soviet Union. Above all, the Soviet Union was led by Joseph Stalin, who plays a very crucial role in the war.

  • The German occupation of land

Germany was winning at first. At their peak, Germany nearly controlled over 90 per cent of the city. This is even great when we consider the fact that Soviet soldiers had very short life expectancy in the area.

  • Operation Uranus

The Soviet Red was a strong army. And operation Uranus was a great plan to attack the weaker German positions. For this reason, the Red Army was successful in surrounding the German 6th Army.

  • Hitler’s plan

Hitler was a man of his words. He ordered the German 6th army to fight until their last breath. As a result, the German army ran out of ammo and food supplies. They managed to stand for nearly two months. After which they had to forcefully surrender under the Red Army of Soviet Union.

  • The Heroic city

After the Second World War, Stalingrad came to be known as the Hero City. This is mainly due to bravery showed by the Russian soldiers to defend their frontiers. Presently, the battle of Stalingrad is famous as the turning point of the Second World War.

  • The Beginning of the war

The German army began their activities in the summer of 1942. Additionally, they were using their 6th Army and some elements of their Panzer army as well. The fighting first began as building to building fighting. Then both the sides call for reinforcement to this city.

  • The operation winter storm

This was the Soviet Union’s attempt to finish the German resistance in Stalingrad. They planned to surround the German army from all corners. Then they pushed forward towards their army, giving no chance to escape or retaliate. fun facts about the battle of Stalingrad.

  • The victory of the Soviet Union

The Germans were surrounded from every corner. Red Army successfully manages to suppress them. In the end, while fighting the in the battlefield the Germans ran out of ammunition. As a result, they had to surrender under the control of the Red Army. Important facts about the Battle of Stalingrad.

  • The Aftermath of the battle

This battle of Stalingrad was the first failure of a Nazi policy. However, the Soviet losses were three times higher than of German losses. The war was a major setback for the ferocious German army. This battle not only killed Hitler’s ego but also gave rise to a new superpower.

Hopefully, those facts will enlighten your mind about the Battle of Stalingrad. For further reading, you can check the Wikipedia page of the topic.

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