Interesting facts about Adolf Hitler Essay

Interesting facts about Adolf Hitler Essay: Anytime when I ask people what they know about Germany’s dictator Adolf Hitler. Majority of them would say he’s that lunatic who sought world domination. But there is more to this man that what we should learn better.

Interesting facts about Adolf Hitler ( German Dictator )

  • Hitler was born in Austria. This makes him an Austrian not German. While he was only granted German citizenship in 1932. When he travelled from Austria to Germany.
  • The young Adolf had always had the ambition of becoming an artist. He started his education at the Vienna Academy of Art in 1907. However, he was unsuccessful. But he tried it again in 1908 to no success. Some sources tell that he wasn’t accepted because he couldn’t draw and paint human figures. Determining from surviving paintings done by Hitler, it is obvious he had some talent. Now, that would definitely anyone wonder what would have occurred if he was given the opportunity to become an artist.
  • The führer also does not allow people to watch him naked or bathing. Therefore, showing how much he values his privacy. Quite a nasty thought of him being naked.
  • One thing, not folks may know about Adolf Hitler is that he was a vegetarian. In fact, he also encouraged his staff members to follow the same.
  • He also extremely loved his dog Blondie. The pooch was often appeared by his side, even between important war meetings. His mistress Eva Braun was always jealous of this dog. Some sources even suggest that she would kick Blondie when Hitler was not around. Then this would result him to notice that Blondie seems to be acting weird.
  • For the rest of the world, Hitler was this mad dictator while for some children he is a doting Onkel. Hitler was said to be fond of children (Aryan children, that is) and he was specifically proud of the young men of the Hitler Youth. Moreover, he was especially closer to the children of Heinrich Himmler. They used to call him Onkel Adolf.

Important facts about Adolf Hitler world war 2

  • Hitler was also a huge fanatic of the circus. It was believed that he would usually give expensive flowers and chocolate to the female entertainers. Quite a pervert I would suggest.
  • The man is also a huge fanatic of Wagner’s operas and other forms of art. He was said to go on and on about music and no one had the courage interrupt him. Furthermore, he also admired some Jewish singers, remarking that it was a shame they weren’t Aryan.
  • He delighted watching films like comedies. But it very disturbing that he enjoys films of prisoners being executed and tortured. No doubt that his mind consisted of some of the most violent ideas.
  • Hitler had remarkable and flawless handwriting. It was examined by the psychologist Carl Jung. He comments, “Behind his handwriting, I recognize the usual characteristics of a man with essentially feminine instinct.”

Some of the above facts about Adolf Hitler may seem astonishing. But it doesn’t wipe the fact that the man was responsible for thousands and thousands of deaths during World War II. It is depressing to think that because of this man, his actions have given a shock to the German people. Hopefully, the events from World War II will serve as a lesson to world leaders who are seeking world supremacy. (Be aware Kim Jong Un). Such a thing will result them to their downfall.

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