How to improve the performance of my smartphone?

There has been an age old debate whether you should install an extra performance boosting applications or not. But, to tell you the truth that they don’t really matters at all. In fact, you will better without using them. In the age of 3D gaming like PUBG and Fortnite, performance really matters in a smartphone. You might have bought the top of the line smartphone in 2015. But, in the age of stiff competition and huge app development your smartphone’s performance degrades day by day. It doesn’t matter if you have the top of the line Samsung Galaxy S6. At the end of the mid-range Xiaomi is going to outperform you. This is really troubling part that a device half of the price of your smartphone can outperform you. However, you gotta ask yourself a question, are you really taking the best out of your device?

Why do we face performance issues?

Since the inception of Android platform. It has been the most widely used mobile platform in the world. All of the major development takes place in Android as it is an open source software. Within weeks you receive updates for your games and apps. And, with each and every update the content package gets heavier than ever before. On the other, the hardware on your device remains the same. Thus, you face performance issue. Newer games like PUBG requires beefier specs from your device. This was the most logical explanation you need to know about natural performance issues. However, there’s one more side to this coin.

What if my device isn’t that old and I still face performance issues?

You might have installed a tons of unnecessary apps on your device to explore. Sadly, the truth is you are only going to use just few of them in your routine. Rest of the apps are going to consume your precious RAM and processing power. For this reason, you need to eliminate all of the unnecessary apps from your device.

Clearing the cache is the best way to get rid of the temp files which becomes a clutter on your device. The temporary data can cause serious performance issues if you haven’t cleared it for months. In fact, the cache can go upto 3 GBs of data.

 Avoid any kind of battery or performance booster

They may advertise that they are going to boost your performance or battery life. In reality, they are nothing but bunch of adware which works continuously as a background app. In fact, they might be stealing your data as you have given them all the app permissions. You need to understand that android is smart enough to handle multi-tasking seamlessly on its own. When you switch to another app while using an app. The intelligent RAM management works hard to compress the data and provide you better performance. Once this compression exceeds your RAM capacity Android automatically terminates the minimized application. You can have a hard reset in every 4 to 5 months to get performance.

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