X-Men is the only superhero series which successfully broke the stereotype that superhero movies are only meant for kids. This series only attracted the kids but all kind of people towards itself. It all started in the year 2000, when X-Men was released to theatres. It became an instant success with its realistic effects and emotional story line. This made it clear that this franchise will turn into a series of movies. Many things have changed in the series in the span of 11 movies. However, one thing remains the same throughout the entire series. Logan aka Wolverine played by the Australian actor Hugh Jackman. He has been the hallmark of the entire series. Even in the X-men First Class he gave a cameo shot to improve the marketing of the movie. With 3 solo movies Wolverine is the most iconic character of the X-Men series. Hugh Jackman played it so well that there can’t be any continuation of the character after he left the series in 2017’s Logan.

Hugh Jackman played it best:


According to the comic book. The real Wolverine was only 5 foot 3 inches. However, the director made an exception while hiring Hugh Jackman for the role. He stands at 6 foot 2 inches, which is almost an entire foot more than the real character from the comic. In the first movie, he was pretty average lean built. But his physique got better and better with the upcoming installments. He followed a strict diet and trained hard to achieve the ultimate shredded physique. The muscles are more visible in the later movies with high detailing. His 2013’s Wolverine was the best movie where you can see his best physique. However, due to a time leap in 2017’s Logan. It showed an older Logan who has got weak overtime.


He is a not just man of good qualities like any other hero. We can say he is an antihero. And, that’s make him so unique. He is a man of his own interest. He only help others when they are in danger. Plus, the iconic beard on his chiseled jawline looks so badass that other actors from even action movies can’t match.

He is a man of emotions:

Wolverine has a huge past. In fact, he was lived centuries and fought many wars like Civil wars and World Wars. He has faced heartbreak and lost countless loved ones. Hugh Jackman perfect feels the character and plays the role. He is able to recreate all the memories the character’s been through his life. We see the pain and shellshocks in Hugh Jackman which Wolverine lives with.

The voice:

No matter what you say about the man. No other superhero has a macho voice like the wolverine. He roar like loud like an animal. As once striker said himself “You are animal then, you are an animal now. I just gave you claws”. Throughout the movie his voice has been very appealing to the audience.


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