How to improve battery life of android phone

Today the smartphone industry has been reaching its massive heights. Each year, we see another outbreak or revolution in the smartphone market. It was really hard to predict that in the future we would ever have smartphones with Octa-core processors. But unlike these, there have been very few innovations in the battery department. Well, you can say that there are some phones with the quick charge technology. Now it would take only a few minutes to get your device running with fast charge technology. However, when it comes to long-lasting batteries. We are pretty much on the first or second chapter of the game. In a hectic day, it really means a lot if could squeeze out few extra minutes out of your phone. So here are some quick tips on How to improve battery life of android phone device.

  • Don’t install any battery saver

Well, that name might suggest that it’s a battery saver. They are just crap with tons of adware in them. Moreover, they will just kill the recent apps from your phone. And these recent apps will start again in the background. This process will require more power instead of saving it. Therefore, try to avoid any battery saver app. Android is intelligent to automatically kill unnecessary apps from the background.

  • Turn off auto sync option

Yes, turning it off will prevent data consumption as well. Auto sync allows the users to sync useful information in the background on a regular interval. However, to save some extra juice on your device you can do it manually as well.

  • Turn off auto brightness, stick to manual

Okay, the auto brightness sensor is there to adjust the brightness according to lighting condition. However, you can also do that manually. This will gradually save the battery life of your phone.

  • Screen timeout

This is important point. We often leave our device for the long when we go. Therefore, it is necessary to set the adequate amount of screen timeout. To save the max set it to the lowest option. So, that once you are done with your device it automatically turns off the display of the device. Moreover, the screen is the most notorious in consuming the battery life of your device.

Most Trusted Tricks of How to improve battery life of android phone

  • Install unnecessary apps

Okay, this seems quite obvious to read. But you must do this in order to achieve the maximum battery life out of your phone. Uninstall every crappy preinstalled apps from the phone. Above all, try to remember our aim is to keep the RAM consumption as low as possible. Anything eating extra space on your device might become a culprit behind draining your battery. biggest trick of How to improve battery life of android phone.

  • Occasional factory reset

This option is for pro level battery saving. We tend to use our phones a lot. And overtimes our phone gets cluttered with unwanted recent files and trash. Therefore, cleaning your device once in every 4 months can ensure healthy battery life. However, try to back up every data before opting for a factory reset.

Well this might not work with some service providers whose network only works with 4G. For everyone else, this is a valid point as well. Whenever, you are not using the mobile data, try to switch to 2G network instead of faster options. Surely you can browse the web on Wi-Fi. 2G networks consume the least amount of battery if we compare it with others.

  • Turn of the GPS

Our device has GPS inside. This helps to determine the location of user while using maps. However, switching from High accuracy to battery saving would help you a lot.

Common myths about Smartphone batteries

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