HIV AIDS in workplace

Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a deadly virus that directly attacks the immunity system of our body. Above all, AIDS is the most advanced stage of this virus. Our body gets so weak after the infection that it becomes very vulnerable to other diseases.

It takes over 5 to 10 years for the disease to take deadly form. Presently, there are no proper cure or vaccine to treat this fatal disease. However, if proper medical treatment is given then the victim might survive a normal lifespan.

People often misbehaves or mistreats the victims of this disease. In fact, they often associate orthodox believes with this disease. As a result, the patients often feels more miserable than the disease itself

Below are some common misconceptions about the disease:

  1. It can spread through physical contact: This is the most ridiculous believe that I have come across. People don’t even shake hands or hug a person who is infected with the virus. This brings our nation back to the concepts of untouchability.
  2. It can spread through food: Well, this is also a common myth about the disease. People often avoid eating together with patients of AIDS. This is again completely wrong as the disease is not contagious in nature. Therefore, air can’t be the medium to spread this disease.
  3. Not sharing the same toilet: This is quite uncommon misconception. But it tends to exists in this modern society. People tend to avoid going to same washroom as the patients of AIDS. Again let me remind you that this can’t transmit through air.
  4. AIDS victims can’t have sex: Well, this is very common misconception about the disease. And to be fair this is also true to some extends. This disease can definitely spread through sexual intercrosses. However, a victim of AIDS can have sexual intercourse with the help of safe sex. For this reason, the infection won’t spread to other person as well.

What are the prevention methods for this disease?

  1. Having safe sex: This is most important step that you can take to prevent the disease. Using condoms will eliminate the spread of any kind of infection throughout your body.
  2. Never use the same syringe: This disease can easily spread through blood. Above all, using the same syringe increases the chances of mixing two bloods together. You can get easily infected by aids if you tend to use the same syringe. This virus can spread through the nervous system of our body.
  3. Have regular checkups: Ensuring a healthy body is a key to healthy lifestyle. Therefore, having regular checkups every once in a while is very important. As you never know when the disease might grow in your body. As it can be a heredity in your family as well.

Government have been launching various health camps to create awareness about the Diseases. Moreover, we need to end the orthodox believes around the disease. We have to understand that the victims are already suffering by this deadly disease. Moreover, under society’s pressure many patients often give up on their life. This problem has become so huge that people often consider it as taboo when they talk about this disease in public. While the patients also feel shy to discuss about their problems with any doctor as well. Participation is really essential for the awareness about the disease between the youth. Safe sex is another measure that is necessary to safeguard people from it. And it is a sad fact that even after having science. We are still unable to find proper vaccination for a complete cure of this disease.


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