The word “Hitler” has become a synonymous to someone being cruel, vicious, monstrous and crazy. However, this crazy dictator was about to set the course of history when the second world war broke out. In fact, he was the responsible person for countless Jewish deaths. He was notorious for sending many Jewish prisoners to concentration camps. At some point it was believed that Adolf Hitler is going to establish a world domination. But things escaladed soon, and he starts losing it instead.  As a result, he committed suicide with his mistress in the military bunker. So, what led to the defeat of Adolf Hitler?

Reasons behind Hitler’s defeat:

His arrogance

Hitler was a man of steel. He literally shouted even at the best officers of Nazi Germany. Many times he overruled the objection made by his army generals and played his own mind. For example; During the battle of Stalingrad the Nazi soldiers wanted to retreat from the battlefield as they were having a shortage of ammo and support supplies. However, Hitler denied their appeal to retreat and instead told them to fight till their last breath. As a result, Stalingrad became the biggest victory for the Soviet Union in the second world war. His lack of cooperation with his own troops often led defection.

Hatred for Jews

He started the war by eliminating the Jews form his land. He believed that the Aryan race is the supremest race in the world. Every other race is impure and should be thrown out of the country. He threw countless Jews to dingy ghettos and concentration camp. He did this to his own citizens. This lead to a counter reaction against the Nazi regime. As some of the Jews made army of their own and bravely fought against the Nazi army. While some went one step even further and joined the Soviet or US army to fight against their own country. This naturally decreased the man power of Germany as soldiers only with the Aryan blood were fighting the war against the Allies.

His enmity with USA and Soviet Union

Hitler was doing with his vicious plan in the Europe. He easily conquered many countries like Poland, Finland, France etc. He was progressing towards Great Britain. Above all, he could have easily overthrown the monarch of United Kingdom. However, he stopped and instead he planned to invade Mother Russia. That was his biggest in the course of second world war. Nazi army froze to death due to extreme weather, lack of ammunition and support. This was crucial turning point when the red communist flag rose again in Stalingrad. USA was quite ignoring Germany when the war broke out. However, due to the attack of pearl harbor planned by Hitler’s ally country Japan. USA had to bring out its own army and weapons to fight the war.

Hitler has lack of experience

Hitler was a very good speaker but never was a good army general. In fact, he barely had any fighting experience at all. Instead of having a military general in command he managed all the tactics himself which were responsible for the doom of Nazi Germany.


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