health and wellness issues for college students

Health and wellness issues for college students

Today the majority of the college students are facing sort or health issues. Some are getting effected from their unhealthy habits. While some are effected by the harmful environment around them. We all know that healthy habits are the key to ensure a healthy body. However, not everyone is able to sustain a healthy lifestyle in the busy schedule. For this reason, diseases and conditions are attacking our body. Being in college also means that are vulnerable to some bad habits as well.

Bad habits and college life

Smoking and college life

health issues for college students health issues for college studentsNo matter how you back these habits while suggesting their advantages. In the end we have to consider them as bad habits. Smoking for example is becoming a major trend among the college students. It has become a style statement for some that they want to smoke every time. For guys is has become a symbol of their machismo. While for the girls it has become a symbol of rebellion character. This is very wrong, as in the end you are only damaging your own lunges. Moreover, you are also risking the precious lives of others while you are smoking near them. Smoking regularly increases the percentage of getting cancer by a high margin. Additionally, you also become vulnerable respiratory diseases.

Sleep deprivation

College life is busy life, we tend to have less time and more stuff to do. As a result, the majority of the youth are skipping their natural sleep cycles to save time. They merely sleep for 3-4 hours to have more time to do stuff. For this reason, they are also getting mental conditions. Disturbing the natural sleep cycle is very dangerous. As it might make you an insomniac in the later years. Millions of people are already suffering from sleep related problems.

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Mental stressHealth and wellness issues for college students Stress

This is perhaps the biggest problems among the college students. Mainly, due to its unavoidable nature. The busy and tough competition is making college students more stressed. The students having performance drop in their academic performance suffers the highest levels of stress. Above all, in some extreme cases they even try to commit suicide. That’s why the biggest education institution has the highest rate of suicide attempts. Moreover, the victims of stress and anxiety often leaves their problems untreated. This in a long run hunts them back with more severity.

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Drugs and college studentsHealth and wellness issues for college students

The mind of a college student is very curious. For this reason, he becomes an easy target for drugs and influence. Above all, we know that drugs are the most harmful addiction on this planet. Once you begin with small amounts of consumption. Later, it consumes you instead. College institutes are often filled with such antisocial elements to influence its students. Many people have gone totally broke after getting under the influence of drugs. If we talk about the health hazards, then there are countless harmful effects. Respiratory problems, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, insomnia, cough, etc. College parties are often the place where such harmful elements revolve. First they will offer it for free so that you get the addiction of the stuff. Then it becomes a terrible and unavoidable habit. In the extreme cases the victim often dies of overdose or commits suicide. Health and wellness issues for college students.

Not giving medical attention to self

Okay, this is not a problem itself. But it is about the prevention and cure of the occurring problems. As the college students often avoids and ignores going for a checkup after getting sick. They tend to believe that being young makes them indestructible. But tell you the truth, having regular checkup is crucial for the functioning of our body. However, some students often try to do their own medicine. And end up using the wrong medicine for their treatment. So, don’t be your own doctor. You must consult to a physician.

So this was the list about the Health and wellness issues for college students. You might say that we might have missed a couple of points but we tried to cover it all.

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