A healthy lifestyle is the key to a healthy body. All of us are well aware of this fact. However, not everyone is lucky to sustain a healthy lifestyle in their life. As a result, today the majority of people are suffering some sort of health problem. Above all, the doctors are also notorious for charging tons of money for the treatments. People have been risking their lives working overtime at their work places. While some people are even sacrificing their natural sleep cycle to do other stuff. This is leading to multiple problems especially among the youth.

Some common health problems these days:

Respiratory problems

These problems are the most common problem among the youth. Presently, our environment is so polluted that we are continuously inhaling harmful gases instead of oxygen. The industrial pollution is the main agent behind this problem. On the other hand, smokers are making their life even worse by smoking. Above all, smoking in public also affects the others around the smoker. This has led to various diseases relating to respiration.


Technology has made us lazy. People were more active in their life before the introduction of various gadgets. Presently, the majority of people spend their life sticking to some gadget in their past time. While in the old times people had interest in participating in outdoor activities. As a result, obesity is becoming a major problem among the people. The calories they consume on a regular basis are not getting burned through any physical activities.


Okay, this is completely the opposite of the above point. Some people have become over conscious about their figure that they are cutting their necessary meals. Ultimately, this only leads of malnutrition among the youth. Girls are the major victims of this disorder. The social pressure makes them follow such kinds of trends to obtain a slim figure.

Mental stress

In the hustle bustle of city life people often find themselves trapped with mental issues. However, don’t even underestimate the problems related to mental health. You might have a healthy body but that can’t go well with an unhealthy mind. Immense work pressure and competition often leads the youth to depression and anxiety disorders. This is worrying because in the recent times there has been a gradual increase in suicide attempts around the world. People often leave their mental problems untreated. And on a longer run these problems tend to hit back the patient.

Damaged liver

This problem is often related to the above problem. People often get into alcohol after facing some depression or anxiety issues. However, this is not the way to treat such problems. It only subdues the problems instead of solving them in the long run. Ultimately, the consumer tends to consume more and more alcohol to resolve his problems. This ultimately leads to a damaged liver and other diseases.

More infections

Science may have evolved over time. But did you know there are more infectious diseases than there used to be? Scientists and doctors have been trying to introduce various vaccines to cure viruses and bacteria. But over the last century there has been many new infections around the world. For example, the Ebola virus is the deadliest virus. Till date there’s no cure for the patients of Ebola. So how the viruses and bacteria are spreading so fast? Today in the world of communication and transportation. People are traveling from one place to another at ease. Thus, the viruses also get the chance to spread at a faster rates. More people are getting the infection from over the borders within weeks of establishment of the virus.


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