There have been massive debates about the advantages and disadvantages of communism. But, there’s no doubt that this ideology has failed in the prominent nations. The 20th century was the high era of communism. It was the time when the Russian Revolution started in 1917. After which the USSR came to be known as the largest communist nation in the world. However, over many years and wars USSR failed to manage their national integrity. As a result, USSR came to an end after their disintegration in 1992. Presently, North Korea and Cuba are running with communist ideology. And we are very well aware of the political stability of their country. So let’s focus on some point which tells why communism always failed.

  • No limit in military expenditure

USSR was a massive military force. At one point they were the only one to compete with US as a superpower. During the Cold War era they are spending a tons of money into their defense program. However, their other economies were struggling on the other hand. This ultimately results into the disintegration of the USSR. We can say that the North Korea is also on the same like USSR. Above all, they are also spending a lot of money into their military programs while their economy is crippling. Their military may be very strong on one hand. However, their poverty stricken people are clearly visible while considering their hunger index.

  • Low living standard in communist nations

The majority of communist nations have a very poor living standard. Their people are barely making for their living. This is due to lesser job opportunities in the communist nations. There are few firms in their country to work in. As a result, people are unable to earn sufficient money to sustain. However, the communist ideology usually boasts about social welfare of its people. Although in this case the communist nations have been failing the ensure this.

  • There’s no scope for innovation

Soviet Union was a very big economy. But it was facing terrible economic problems as well. Due to strict communist ideology they were producing everything within their state.  This means that there was no scope for an outside business to come to their country. Furthermore, the communist ideology usually doesn’t allow inventions in any field as well. Having no system for trade and business also means no sign of foreign investment as well.

  • Immense international pressure

Generally, humans don’t prefer an odd one out in their community.  The majority of the nations in the world runs on a capitalist economy. For this reason, none of them liked a country like the Soviet Union and their ideology of communism. Furthermore, no one wanted Soviet Union to be their economic or military ally as well. During the cold war era most of the western nations were in the favor of US instead of the USSR. This communist nation was under constant pressure from the western block. On the other hand, USSR was almost entirely own their own.

  • There’s no adaption in communist nation

Every developing country must keep with up time to maintain a healthy development rate. You must catch up with the other nations as well. This is generally done by establishing healthy economic and political relationships with other nations. However, Soviet Union was exactly the opposite they were doing everything on their own. While the progressive nations like the US was interdependent upon other western nations. Presently, North Korea is also following the same tactics like USSR. Being interdependent provides you the hope of aid in a crisis.


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