Today the popular Car companies are trying to stay ahead of each other to manufacture the vehicles consumers will love the best. On one hand some brand names (Tata nano) are only around for few years. While others made up to millions of sales over the period of several decades. These 10 cars are certainly the world’s best-selling cars. Moreover, every one of them has become an international icon in their own uniqueness.

1.      Chevrolet Impala

The Impala has been present on American car market in various for almost 70 years. Earlier it used to be a complete gaudy halo sedan. Presently, the most recent model has been imsensly improving in every aspect. The previous generation Impala ranked dead last between large family of sedans in Consumer Reports ratings. Chevy’s latest Impala? First.

Total Sales: 14 million

2. Volkswagen Passat

The Passat comes under the radar for various family sedan buyers. However, it still sells its good share in the U.S. Thanks to a huge, decent interior and an affordable base model that still has plenty of features. In Western Europe, this Volkswagen sedan is more famous still, and has gone through seven model generations. While making up more than 15 million sales worldwide from back to 1973. The 2015 model comes with a base MSRP of just $20,845.

Total Sales: 15.5 million

3. Ford Model T

When the Model T came in 1908, it was certainly not the first gasolinepowered car. Instead it created the entire idea of the automobile as we know it today. Ford’s car for the common man was the first to be manufactured on an assembly line. Additionally, it was the very first to be both affordable and reliable enough to take off the sales as the public’s new choice of transportation.

Total Sales: 16.5 million

4. Honda Accord

Since 1976, the Accord has been the very symbol of reliable everyday transportation. It still manages to create its fair share of smiles. With strong sales both in Japan and the United States. Honda’s midsize sedan was the first ever Japanese car to be built within American borders.

Total Sales: 17.5 Million

5. Ford Escort

The Escort, which came in 1968, really assisted Ford break outside of the American market. As it was company’s first models to be a hit in Europe. The subcompact, fun-to-drive attribute was the perfect car for value-evaluating Europeans, specifically in the United Kingdom. Therefore, it was so successful that Ford had to introduce it to America in 1981.

Total Sales: 18 million

6. Honda Civic

American, Japanese and European buyers have been relying on their Civics for decades. Mostly for cheap, durable transportation with great fuel efficiency and tons of support from aftermarket parts manufacturers. However, the Civic hasn’t changed much over the years. Surely, it consists of modern engineering but it is still light, cheap, efficient and reliable, just like its millions of buyers have wants it to be.

Total Sales: 18.5 million

7. Volkswagen Beetle

Many of you might not know that the first Volkswagen Type 1 “Beetle” dates back to the Nazi regime. It was mainly designed by Ferdinand Porsche as the “people’s car” (“volks-wagen”). Millions of Germans laid down a part of their paychecks for cars that were mostly never delivered. But this Volkswagen’s car was so affordable and easy to work on. That it became an all time favorite of shade-tree mechanics and hippies alike.

Total Sales: 23.5 million

8. Volkswagen Golf

On one hand VW still sells the Beetle today mainly more of a retroinspired icon car. It is only the Golf that became the original Beetle’s successor when it came to the market in 1974. By any name, this hot hatchback was offering a degree of personality and craftsmanship. It was a bit better than its Japanese rivals ever since its inception.

Total Sales: 27.5 million

9. Ford F-Series

Outside of the United States, Ford’s compact Ranger is its most famous pickup truck. However, Americans desires big, powerful and capable trucks. For this reason, Ford has been America’s best-selling vehicle since 70s. The F150 has been transforming into a full lineup of trucks to meet a variety of needs.

Total Sales: 35 million

10. Toyota Corolla

And the winner of the list is… the humble, reliable Toyota Corolla with an astonishing 40 million units sold. Toyota’s compact sedan came in the market in 1966. Through eleven generations, the Corolla is still managing to remain relevant despite being rather boring, almost as same design quality. Mainly for its reliability along with efficiency, resale value, simplicity. And the low variant price that offers buyers one of the lowest total costs of cars around, just like it did 50 years ago.

Total Sales: 40 million



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