best places to make out in a car in Delhi
best places to make out in a car in Delhi

Best Places to make out in car in Delhi: Making out with your lover could be the most romantic thing. Usually, people prefer to have their romantic moments in private. However, some people want to have their special moments in a car. A car could be a wonderful place to spend the most romantic time of your love life. A car air freshener and a beautiful interior could be very refreshing and memorable for your entire life. Let me suggest you the best places to make out in car in Delhi.

Best Places to make out in car in Delhi?


Located in the vicinity of Delhi. Surajkund is a wonderful village with a traditional rural setting. This destination is a few kilometres drive away from the city. If you want to get away from hustle and bustle of city life, then this is the perfect peaceful place to explore the culturally rich India. You can visit this place to spend some romantic time with your lover and makout at this perfect rural location.


Located 50 kms away from Delhi, Murthal is the perfect weekend gateway. It could be a perfect long drive location to spend your weekend with your loved ones. There are so many roadside eateries and dhabas where you can have delicious food. Dehvatali Lake and Dabur Lake are two best spots in Murthal where you can spend some romantic time with your lover. You can have the best make out experience you can ever imagine.

Tughlakabad Fort

Known as one of the oldest forts in the city in India. The Tughlakad fort is just 8 Kms away from Qutub Minar. Due its vast architecture and warm climate, this fort remains deserted for the most of the times. This makes it a good place for lovers to park their car and spend most romantic moments of their love life.Good Places To Make Out in Car In Delhi

India Gate Complex

Although, this monument remains quite crowded most of the times. The parking is a best place to spend some time with your lover. The lighting and fountain show in the night is a wonderful delight to the eye for the love buds. The environment is also full of greenery. good places to make out in a car in Delhi.

Adventure Island

Spread over 62 acres and having 26 rides. Adventure island is one of the most famous amusement parks in Delhi. It could be a perfect destination for adventure lovers. After spending some time with the most exhilarating rides and activities. You can spend some of the best romantic moments in the park of Adventure island. This place remains quite away from the main city. You will need an entire day to explore this place. one of the Best places for car hookups.

Canaught Place

Popularly known as CP, this place has a lot of shops, markets, buildings and hotels. Many Bollywood movies are also shot here. Moreover, this place was built during the British Rule in India. This is well resembled by its British architecture.

Old Fort 

It is the oldest fort in Delhi. This fort was made by Sher Shah Suri. There’s also a daily light and sound show that happens after the sunset. It talks about the history of the seven cities of Delhi. one of the Safe Places to make out in car in Delhi.

Hauz Khas 

It is situated in South Delhi. And, is emerging as the most famous tourist spot in the city. It is also known as Mehek ka chota quila. Lots of clubs and lounges are present in the nearby area for you to relax. Another make out spots in Delhi.

Qutab Minar 

It is a valuable structure of the country and is a part of Qutab complex. UNESCO had declared it as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Above all, this monument is entirely made up of red sandstone and marble. It reaches a height up to 72 meters. It consists of five stories and has 379 steps in total. Safe Places to make out in car in Delhi .

India Gate 

India Gate defines old Delhi. It was built in 1931 as a memorial for the martyrs of World War 1. And, was also known as all India war memorials. Above all, it looks its best at night when all the evening lights brightens the area to a significant amount. Here you can make out with your girlfriend.

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