Aira Saxena – Young Rising Star

Aira Saxena Indian Dance Videos

Aira Saxena is a 4-year-old girl, living in New Jersey, USA. She loves dancing, singing and playing the piano. Her inclination towards performing arts comes from her parents, as her mother is a passionate dancer and her father has a passion for singing.

Aira Saxena Indian Dance Videos

Aira Saxena did her first performance at the age of 3 at Time Square, New York for the Indian republic day event. Her parents were amazed at her quick learning abilities and launched her social media channels on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram to showcase her talent. In a short span, she has received a lot of appreciation, with millions of views on her dance videos and nearly 25k followers.

Aira has done 10 Bollywood dance covers and 4 song covers. There ‘Mother Daughter’ dance series is viewed by millions of people and have received lots of love and praise.  Their dance videos were also featured on Indian Dance Videos page and received millions of views.

Aira Saxena Indian Dance Videos

They used the lockdown time well, by bringing smiles and inspiring a lot of people via their dance videos.

Story About the beginning – Aira Saxena

A year back, we were getting ready for Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja (to be held at a friends place). Like every day, I had a Bollywood song playing on the TV. I started dancing on ‘Bole chudiya’ and Aira Saxena watched me and started copying me. She quickly picked up my steps, remembered them and above all enjoyed it so much. 

Aira Saxena Indian Dance Videos

I wanted to make a proper dance video with her. This was a running thought for quite a while. As soon as we were back from our 2 months trip to India, I started exploring songs, camera settings, video editing etc. At the beginning of the year, I created Aira Saxena social media accounts and in March, we published our first dance, it was more for fun, and we just went with the flow.
Every video has been a learning, challenging Aira saxena with more difficult steps (and she amazed me every time), trying different camera settings/angles, looking for different wall decors, matching outfits.
It’s amazing that in just a matter of 6 months, we have created 10 mother-daughter dance videos (and getting ready with the 11th one) and the amount of love, appreciation and blessing you all have been showering is overwhelming. 
                                                                 — Shalini Saxena (Aira’s Mom)



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