advantages and disadvantages of working mother

In the 21st century, a woman has become self-sufficient that she doesn’t need to confined at home. She can be working as well. Therefore, men don’t need to be the only breadwinner at a household. A working mother can be a huge financial aid to the family. Ultimately raising the living standard of their household.  Nowadays it has become very rare that a girl stays at home and refuses to work. However, just like a coin has two sides. Working mothers also have advantages and disadvantages. so today we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of working mother.

Advantages of working mothers are as follows:

Children become self sufficient

The working mother spends most of the time outside working. For this reason, the children at home get to know some responsibilities revolving around the household. So instead of spoon-feeding, they get to learn a lot of things about life at home. Above all, they learn how to do some household work at home.

Children starts to learn good habits

The father also helps in the household work as the mother is working. As a result, the child also feels motivated by their parents and tends to helps other in the society. Therefore, good habits tend to grow in the child. So this is also one of the advantages of being a working mother.

More love between the child and mother

Okay, we know that quality is more important than quantity. Accordingly, the working mother may spend less time with their child. But the time spent is actually high-quality time. They show more affection towards the child while they spend time.

Better living standard

Being a working mother automatically means that she contributing to the household funds. And having more funds in the households means better living standard. Above all, a family with a working mother can afford more stuff and services than non-working mothers. This also enables the child to get all kind of facilities as there is no shortage of money.

Mother is the inspiration

Everyone wants to secure a good career for their child. A working mother becomes an inspiration for the child. She’s the one who is working and doing something creative. This enables the child to understand the importance of career. They learn that they also need to work hard like their mother. This was the list of Advantages of working mothers.

Disadvantages of working mother are as follows:

A tired life

Having a 9 to 5 job is not an easy task. And keeping up with a hectic schedule is even harder for a mother to follow. Accordingly, doing the household work after coming back home is painful as well. Thus, if the mother fails to manage time then the household work remains undone.

Risks for health issues

As I said above that 9 to 5 job is hard work. This is even hard when our environment is full of viruses and bacteria. Getting infection from disease is adamant. Therefore, the working mothers carries more risk of getting diseases. Moreover, the nature of their schedule may also trigger to natural diseases. And if the mother is sick then the kid’s health also gets affected.

Children might feel isolated

Again time is very important factor here. The working mothers tend to work for hours in corporate offices. However, this means that they are not able to spend more time with their child. Sometimes the child may feel isolated from their mother. This might result in loss of bond between the child and the mother. Furthermore, the child may also fall in bad company in the absence of mother’s supervision.

Mothers might face harassment at workplace

Well, this one might not apply in every case but still. In countries like India working women often faces harassment. Moreover, they don’t even tend to complain about the issue. Such things could harm the mother in a long term.

Mothers are unable to attend important events

Schools today organizes important events like Sports day, annual functions. And mothers are also invited to attend those functions. But being a working mother can make the mother unable to attend such an important event. Moreover, they are unable to see their child participate in the events as well.

So this was the list about the advantages and disadvantages of working mother. You might say that we might have missed a couple of points but we tried to cover it all. Moreover, we are not promoting the mothers should not work to earn a livelihood. It is the 21 st century and everything has the right to progress in their lives be it man or a woman. However, we recommend the mothers to find a suitable job according to their lifestyle. Thus, they will be able to give more time to their family. In the modern times desk jobs have taken a great importance in our lives. They have truly reduced the risks in the work environment by a huge percentage.

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