advantages and disadvantages of television advantages of television

In the past century Television has opened new doors of entertainment for the people. The television is responsible for the bringing the cinema theatre at your couch. Moreover, it is also responsible to bring the world closer to each other. Now the people could easily watch the culture of other countries by just watching the television.

Advantages of Television


Well that is the primary motive of the television. Every now then we tend of get tired after work or studies. Above all, television is the best way to get rid of stress with decent entertainment. If you watch the television, then you might have seen that there are countless channels to choose from. You don’t need to anywhere to have some good quality entertainment at your home.  While resting at your couch or bed you can enjoy every sort of entertainment at low costs. Furthermore, it is also easy to operate the television if we compare it to computers and smartphones.

Passes the time

Television is the simplest way to pass your time. You don’t need any fancy equipment or gadgets to watch the television. You just need a set box to browse through various channels. Most of the channels are providing interactive content on their channels. Above all, you won’t be bored any time soon cause you got the choice of various channels to choose from.

You get to know about the world

Television helps us to obtain the plethora of knowledge about the world. There are countless knowledge rich channels that provides insights about various countries. Moreover, you also get to know what’s happening around the world with the help of news channels. Above all, television is responsible for bringing all sorts of information at your doorstep. You don’t need to browse a lot to get to know about information. The television does it all for you. Whereas, you browse the internet then you need to go through a huge learning curve to learn things.

Kids learn a lot from television

Okay, schools are not always the perfect way to learn about things. For this reason, television is playing a crucial role to promote knowledge among the kids. There are various knowledge and education channels in the television that are very helpful in teaching the kids. We can even say that is a another form of E Learning.

Learning English

You have to admit the fact that not everyone learns English just by reading books. It takes a lot to get the knowledge about the language. For this reason, watching TV shows and movies helps a lot to get better understanding of the language.

Disadvantages of Television / Drawback of Television

Wastes your time

Well, not every time you are doing a constructive work while watching the television. Above all, I said that it passes our time. However, once you got an addiction of watching the television then it can also snatch away your precious time as well. You must consider where you are spending your time. Therefore, keep a track of programs that you are watching.

It can harm your eyesight

This is not an astonishing fact that watching television harms our eyesight in a long run. Moreover, you have to be maintain a safe distance while watching the television. Sitting to close to the television will harm your retina. On the other hand, sitting too far away will also damage your eyesight.

Disadvantages of television for children’s

Some content might not be appropriate for the children. No matter how many censor boards there are, a child is always vulnerable to watch sensitive content. There might be some shows that focuses on strong language or nudity. Vice Versa There are some advantages of watching TV for child also.

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